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Android Auto v2.0 has a jump shortcut for lists in audio apps and prepares to add several new settings and a homescreen shortcut [APK Teardown + Download]

Android Auto v2.0 began rolling out earlier this week with a pretty significant redesign that made the driving mode part of the app's primary UI. There were quite a few changes to support the on-phone Auto simulator, including a fair number of new options like the ability to auto-launch with certain Bluetooth connections (and prevent that if it's still in a pocket).

While most of the new features are easy to discover when poking around in either the driving mode interface or in the couple of config screens, there's a new feature in the audio player that deserves to be called out on its own.

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Waze's Driver Satisfaction Index shows where the world's most unhappy drivers are

Pretty much any adult has probably had this conversation at some point: "The drivers in [my city] are so much worse than the drivers in [your city]." The truth is that you can find shitty drivers everywhere, but empirically, some places are definitely worse than others. Waze, the Google-owned software company behind everyone's favorite Google Maps Navigation alternative, has decided to quantify that data. The results are posted to the Driver Satisfaction Index, and they're as slick as they are disappointing.

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Google planning to enter the ride-sharing business with Waze

It looks like Google is finally moving into the San Francisco ride-sharing market. According to the Wall Street Journal, the tech giant is looking to offer commuters cheaper rates (and lower fares) than the two big players, Uber and Lyft. The plan is to connect drivers and riders who are going in the same direction, instead of the on-demand service you would see with other ride-sharing services.

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Waze beta reminds you not to forget your kid in the car

Forgetting children in a car on a hot summer day is, sadly, not that uncommon of a way for young people to die. Hospitals give out notices to new parents alerting them to the risk. But a piece of paper is easy to, well, forget. So Waze is doing its part to reduce the number of incidents.

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Waze is launching an 'avoid difficult intersections' toggle, but only in LA for now

Waze is owned by Google these days, but the way it handles navigation is quite different from the Maps app. For example, users can report accidents, speed traps, and other road conditions that affect the directions given to other Wazers. Today, the app is adding yet another quirky and potentially very useful routing feature. Users in LA will be able to get directions that help them avoid "difficult intersections."

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Android Auto Is Getting Waze Support, OK Google Hotwording, Wi-Fi Projection, OEM Apps, And Will Soon Run On Your Phone

There were plenty of features announced at Google I/O yesterday regarding Android and some of those new things are meant for Android Auto - Google's car dashboard system. The most exciting of them is the fact that you will no longer need an Auto-enabled vehicle to be able to benefit from the simplified car-friendly interface while you're driving. You can also learn more about the features in our video, below.

New Features

In the next few months, Android Auto will get several interesting additions. First is Waze compatibility with the app running on your dashboard and keeping you in the loop of hazards ahead and potential delays and problems. Second is OK Google hotwording which will activate voice commands when you say "OK Google" instead of requiring you to press a button to start listening.

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Waze Carpool Pilot Program Comes To The US After Initial Israel-Only Test Period

Google-owned navigation company Waze is expanding into a new area, metaphorically and physically. Last year Wave began testing a carpooling app called RideWith, which was only available in Israel. Ten months later, the company is ready to test out the experience in the US.

A name change is accompanying the move. The app Americans will install goes by the name of Waze Rider, while the service itself is called Waze Carpool.

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Waze Auto-Tunes Your Ride With New T-Pain Navigation Voice Option

It's one thing to hop behind the wheel and go where life takes you. It's another thing to go where T-Pain takes you. But now you have that option.

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Waze Has Expanded Speed Limit Testing To Parts Of The US

Waze can tell you how to get where you're going. At the end of last month, it started telling people how fast to go on the way. These speed limit notifications were only supported in certain countries, of which the United States was not one.

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Waze Adds A Shaquille O'Neal Navigation Voice Option To Celebrate The NBA Playoffs

In the Venn diagram of mobile users, the circle marked "rabid Shaq fans" and the one marked "active Waze users" must have a pretty tiny crossover section. But if you do happen to use Waze on a regular basis and you have the special extended DVD edition of both Kazaam and Steel boldly displayed on your shelf, today is your day. Waze has announced that the company is celebrating the start of the NBA Playoffs later this week by adding official Shaquille O'Neal voice narration to the map app's navigation service.

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