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Google Maps' Waze-like incident reporting shows up for many, doesn't work yet

Google Maps' incident reporting feature has been a long-time coming. After the company bought Waze in 2013, everyone thought Google Maps would get its popular crowdsourced reporting feature in no-time, but years have passed it's only a few months ago that we started seeing hints of it in our teardowns of Maps. The first real signs started showing up in the app after that, with users spotting confirmation prompts for reported incidents and, recently, a button to report crashes and speed traps. Now, the latter is showing up for many under a new look, but it doesn't work at all.

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Waze Carpool expands to the entire US

We've all been stuck in traffic from time to time, and you might have noticed something interesting. Almost all the cars clogging the roads carry a single person, which seems like a terrible waste, right? Waze Carpool aims to change that by making it easier to catch a lift in the morning. After trialing Carpool in a few cities, Waze is now rolling it out across the US.

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Waze now works in standalone Android Auto on your phone

When Waze finally added support for Android Auto last year, it unfortunately required a proper Auto head unit, a discovery that tainted the good news. That's no longer the case as Waze recently started working in the standalone version of Auto, the one that uses your phone as a display and doesn't necessitate any other additional gear.

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Google Maps now showing Waze-like incident confirmation prompts for some

One of the main differentiators that Waze has over its competitors, including Google Maps, is user interaction. Wazers can report accidents, road closures, police car sightings, and so on, all of which helps other users out. It's what makes the app so popular. Google Maps has already pulled data from Waze for many years, though it looks like more features from it are coming.

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Google Maps v9.79 gives scores to restaurants based on your personal tastes, prepares Waze-like incident reporting and much more [APK Teardown]

Updates to Google Maps have been a bit quieter over the last few months as fewer features come to each update than we're accustomed to. A recent announcement revealed this time has been spent on some cool new predictive features that will help users find restaurants, events, and other places that match their taste and style. The first stage of those new features, scoring for places that match your tastes, is going live now. There are also signs of many of the other previously announced features, Waze-style incident reporting, and more.

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Waze Carpool is now available in Washington State

Commuters in the Evergreen State have a new option for getting around: Waze Carpool is now available in Washington. Waze says it chose Washington as its new location for the program largely because the state already has a large number of Waze users, with more than 375,000 in Seattle alone.

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[Update: Official] Ride-sharing app Waze Carpool updated to version 2.0 with option to pick preferred riders

Waze is well known for its eponymous GPS navigation app, but what you might not know is that Waze also has a ride-sharing service called Waze Carpool that's in some ways (no pun intended) similar to Uber or Lyft. Carpool lets drivers get paid to use their own car to pick up and drop off passengers, and it allows riders to request a ride from point A to point B. However, unlike Uber and Lyft, Waze Carpool isn't meant to be used as a ride-hailing service — instead, it's only meant as a way for two or more coworkers (or people who work in the same general location) to share a ride to and from work.

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Waze adds new Chinese voices to celebrate the Chinese New Year

Waze is a pretty popular navigation app, even among Google diehards. In fact, Google actually bought Waze way back in 2013 for a little over one billion dollars and uses some of the data sourced by Waze in Google Maps. For many people who drive for a living or just happen to be on the road a lot, Waze's extra features when compared to Google Maps are something they just can't live without.

Today, in celebration of the Chinese New Year, Waze has announced that it's bringing improved Mandarin (both in Simplified and Traditional Chinese) voices to its app.

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Liam Neeson has a very particular set of skills, and one of them is being a Waze voiceover

Waze frequently features celebrity voiceovers, but none of the people behind them had a set of skills as particular as the newest entrant's. Actor Liam Neeson's voice has made its way to Waze, meaning that you can now be navigated by the protagonist of Taken himself.

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Waze updated with motorcycle routing, voice commands, and HOV route support

Waze is owned by Google but it offers a different experience than Google Maps. Waze emphasizes data from the community and tends to include more experimental features. Today, it's getting three new features that Waze says have been among the most frequently requested by users. Some of the new features will only matter if you've got certain driving habits or vehicles, but the voice command improvements will be useful to more Wazers.

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