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Waze goes for a tasteful new look with colorful brand makeover


Waze finally rolls out lane guidance in beta

Have you ever realized you were driving on the leftmost lane while you needed to turn right? To avoid this embarrassing moment, most navigation systems feature a lane guidance system to show you which one to remain in. Surprisingly, Waze, which is one of the most popular ones around, wasn't able to do this until now. Thankfully, the app is testing out the feature in beta.

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Waze adds unplowed roads and ice to hazard reporting, helping to keep you driving safe this winter

Winter can be brutal for commutes. Between the snow, ice, wind, and rain you're almost guaranteed to run into unfavorable road conditions while you're out and about. Waze seems to have noticed this, as a new feature was just announced: snow warnings for the app, which include reporting unplowed roads and ice that's present on the route.

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Transit app Moovit integrates Waze Carpool to route finding

Waze isn't only a great tool to help you avoid traffic and accidents, it also makes it easier to share your commute with other people through its Carpool platform, available in the entire US since October last year. Thus, it only makes sense for Waze to team up with mobility service Moovit which aggregates public transportation and other mobility services to show you the quickest path from A to B. The partnership marks the first third-party party integration for Waze Carpool.

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Waze and Tidal partner up to let you safely enjoy your music on the road

Over the last few years, Waze has partnered up with quite a large number of music and podcast streaming services to make listening to audio while navigating easier and less distracting. Tidal users can finally join in on the party, as the two companies have announced that they're teaming up to bring playback controls to Waze and turn-by-turn navigation to Tidal.

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[Update: Rolling out] Google Maps expands Waze-like crowdsourcing with new incident types

Ever since Google purchased fellow map maker Waze in 2013, crowdsourced contribution features have slowly made their way to Maps. We've been seeing this support grow with the ability for users to report things like speed traps, slowdowns, and just last month, road construction. Now Google's formally recognizing that construction expansion, as well as announcing the addition of a few other obstructions.

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Waze rolls out Google Assistant support for English-speaking users in US

Last spring, Google began what amounted to a slow rollout of Google Assistant support for English-speaking Waze users in the United States. Now, it appears that Google has opened the flood gates, giving all US Wazers with English set as their preferred language the ability to call upon Google Assistant.

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YouTube Music is now integrated in Waze

Many of us use a phone for navigation in the car — the benefits of apps like Waze can't be overstated to commuters in busy cities. Waze is especially useful since the app even integrates controls for other music apps directly, so you don't have to swipe between apps or pull down the notification tray just to pause or skip tracks. Fixing a noteworthy and somewhat embarrassing omission, YouTube music now joins the ranks of other music apps which can integrate directly with Waze's controls.

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Waze Carpool finally lets drivers invite multiple riders at once


Waze starts estimating toll prices on your route

Waze helps many commuters avoid traffic and report hazards to other users. Thanks to its community, the service is able to crowdsource a wide array of information, ranging from road conditions to gas prices. Waze is now leveraging its user base to provide more details to drivers, as it's starting to show toll prices along your route.

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