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Noodlecake Re-Releases Wave Wave 'Rebuilt From The Ground Up,' On Sale For 70% Off This Week

For those of you who didn't grow to hate the original Wave Wave, developer Noodlecake has rebuilt the game with new visuals and gameplay. Frustration, however, remains perfectly intact, so newcomers should have their blood pressure under control before diving in. Take a look.

I know, the trailer isn't particularly enlightening, so here's how Wave Wave works. You control a rapidly moving line in a maze-like world that's constantly changing direction and color.

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Humble Noodlecake Bundle Features 9 Cheap Games, Including 3 New Ones: Glorkian Warrior, Mikey Boots, And Wave Wave 2.0

Noodlecake is one of those reliably solid publishers that tends to show up a lot in Android Police's game roundups. Like Crescent Moon before them, they've now got their own Humble Android Bundle showcasing some of their games at a great price. You can pay what you want for up to nine Noodlecake games at the moment, including three that are brand new to Android, and more are sure to come at some point.

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Epoch, Mikey Hooks, And Zombie Gunship Join Humble Mobile Bundle 8—And We've Got 10 Free Codes To Give Away

We've hit that point in the life of every Humble Bundle where a new set of games jump in to flesh out the original selection. This time around, we're seeing the likes of Epoch, Mikey Hooks, and Zombie Gunship join the seven games that made up the initial batch. People who paid over the average at the time of purchase will get these new titles automatically, and those who do so going forward will get them just as well.

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