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Stealth360 Android Wear Watch Face Is As Close As You Can Get To Wearing Tron On Your Wrist

Despite having some serious (and apparently isolated) issues with his unit's battery, our fearless leader Artem is thoroughly enjoying his Moto 360 smartwatch. He described the Stealth360 watch face from developer Flying Rhino as, and I quote, "sweet as hell."


Stealth360 shies away from some of the more conventional Braun-style designs included with the Moto 360 itself, in favor of something closer to a Razer or Alienware look. (Think Tron, but with a little more restraint.) Despite hands and markers that are designed to look sleek, it's pretty functional as a standard watch, thanks to easy-to-read layout.

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The Best Android Wear Watchface Yet Is A Tribute To The Ministry Of Silly Walks

Good day, readers. Here at Android Police, we wish to express our full and unequivocal support for the Ministry of Silly Walks, and the fine work that those men and women accomplish. It is a lamentable shame that the Ministry is continually overlooked in favor of less noble endeavors, such as National Defense, Housing, and Social Security. With a budget of only 348 million pounds per year, it's amazing that they manage to produce such instructive material as the official Ministry of Silly Walks Game.

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[New App] Ingress Players Now Have A Slick-Looking, Non-Official Android Wear Watchface To Call Their Own

If you've managed to stick with Ingress for a year or two now, then maybe you should show others just how committed you are. There's no need for anything extravagant. Those of you who happen to own an Android Wear device can just head over to the Play Store and give this free Ingress-integrated watchface a download. Then when people see it, they will be, well, just as confused as they were when they saw you hanging out by that old, abandoned record store last weekend.

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[New App] KnightRider Android Wear Watchface Makes You Almost As Stylish As Michael Knight

You didn't have to be alive in the 80s to one day see Michael Knight's communicator watch in Knight Rider and know that it was a cool piece of tech. Sure it may have looked like an old Star Wars AM radio watch, but the functionality this thing packed more than compensated. This watch allowed Michael to talk to his supercar, and now a strikingly similar watchface has appeared for Android Wear, which lets you talk to your superphones.

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