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Galaxy Watch and Gear Sport get super customizable watch faces thanks to Pujie Black

Customizable watch faces are an integral part of the smartwatch experience. What good is a digital display if you're not going to use it to make your watch look exactly like you want it to? That's why there are hundreds of designers making faces for every wearable platform, and apps such as Pujie Black that let you create your own. The popular app was previously restricted to Wear OS but is now also compatible with Tizen OS, namely Samsung's Galaxy Watch, Watch Active, and Gear Sport. Support for the Gear S3 is coming soon.

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Wearable Widgets turns your phone's app widgets into Wear OS watch face complications

It may be the silliest idea to some, but it may be the most interesting idea to others. Wearable Widgets, an app that transforms your phone's widgets into Wear OS (né Android Wear) watch faces, has added support for complications. So instead of replacing your entire watch face with a widget, you can leave whichever design you like and choose a widget from your phone as a complication inside it. How well does it work? I tested it to find out.

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Timecraft is a cool Minecraft-inspired Android Wear watch face by Tha PHLASH

What's time but a series of building blocks of infinitesimally small moments? You change one block and the whole structure could be modified, you add and add and add more blocks, hoping the final result is beautiful and meaningful, and you look around at others' structures learning from them and sometimes envying or criticizing them. That's one philosophical way of introducing this new watch face by Tha PHLASH, Timecraft.

Like its name and all of the screenshots here suggest, Timecraft is inspired by Minecraft. The signature blocky design is there, the green and grey/brown colors are present as well, and although I've never actively played the game or got lost in its world, I can easily spot the similarities based on what little I've seen from it.

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Real LED Watchface Lights Up Your Wrist And Looks Amazing

Ever looked at your smartwatch and wished there were real LEDs inside that lit up and turned off to tell you the time? Ever checked all those Android Wear watchfaces and wanted them to feel a little more vibrant and a little less dull? Well, here you go, you'll love Real LED Watchface.

The watchface's interface is based on 3D renders of LEDs and the developer says it achieves "photorealistic light, reflections, and shadows." I've been using it for half an hour and I tend to agree: it looks quite real and just as good as the screenshots. Aside from the lights, the face is very straightforward: the big LED is for the hours, the small one is for the minutes, and the super small LEDs in the center light up with the seconds.

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Pujie Black Gets A Material Makeover, Shortcut Actions, Central Color Palette, And Plenty Of Nice Improvements

Out of all the watch maker applications on Android, Pujie Black is my favorite. I find the interface easier than WatchMaker, plus it's accessible on Android instead of requiring a web browser like Facer. I also love that I paid once for the app and I can get all of the community's creations for free and edit them to fit my personal needs. There's a learning curve to figuring out what everything does inside the app, but once you've got the hang of it, there are hundreds of things you can change to specifically tailor it to your preference. I personally like seeing my steps, the date, and PST timing (Artem's timezone) as the 3 Pujie indicators, and I love having a tap action to play/pause Pocket Casts specifically.

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Video: The Huawei Watch's New Customizable Watch Face Is Surprisingly Awesome

In the most recent update to the Huawei Watch, the company added a brand-new customizable face to the device. While you may note that there are plenty of watch face creation apps out there for Android Wear, Huawei's is a bit different. All of the customization happens on the watch itself, and the UI is dead simple - just pick and choose the elements you want, and you're off with a personalized layout.

While it's not the most robust customization we've seen for Android Wear, the simplicity and functionality of Huawei's tool is what really makes it shine. Anybody can figure this out, and it allows you to add just a touch of personal flare to your smartwatch if you find the built-in faces don't really suit you.

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Google Officially Announces Android Wear Update For Interactive Watch Faces And More Translate Functionality

We've known that it's coming for about a month, and today Google has made good on those expectations. According to a post on the official Android blog, Android Wear will be getting a software update "in the coming weeks" that will enable interactive watch faces. These are essentially tiny apps/widgets built into a watch face design that let you do more than simply tell the time or check the weather. A sufficiently advanced face app could replace several individual Wear apps, or do away with the need to check for updates from a specific app.


Here are some of the examples Google gives in its post.

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Watch Face BSOD Constantly Revives Your Timeless Dead Windows Nostalgia

Watch Face BSOD
Watch Face BSOD
Developer: Rabbit Design
Price: $0.99

Alternate title: When Artem Asks You To Write A "Fun" Post, You Accept The Challenge And Do Your Best

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Microsoft OneDrive's Latest Beta Includes A Watchface For Android Wear And A Native PDF Viewer

The latest beta update for Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service includes two significant feature additions. The first is the presence of a watchface for your Android Wear device and the other headliner is a built-in PDF viewer, which is well overdue since competitors Google Drive and Dropbox have had the function for quite a while now.


I have to say I was pretty surprised to get a notification after updating the app that told me to try out the OneDrive watchface. As you can see on the screenshot above, Microsoft says I can use it to see my photos on my watch.

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Boot Watch Face Celebrates Android Wear's Start Up Sequence As Its Signature Animation

How many times have you looked at your Android Wear watch while it booted and thought, "Gosh darn it, that's a rrrrreally cool animation right there!" If you love that boot sequence, you probably get a tickle every time your battery dies or your watch updates and you see it starting up again. Boot Watch Face eliminates those requirements by using the animation each time you turn your watch on. Neat!

The super zen video above shows you everything you should expect from Boot Watch Face. It's very customizable with options to pick the clock hands colors and background (there's a cool "randomize" option too), change the needles' thickness (only when the watch is on — the ambient needles are very thin for my taste), remove the seconds ticker, and speed up the animation.

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