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ESPN Android App Adds WatchESPN TV Streaming For Cable And Satellite Subscribers

If you pay for cable, you probably pay for ESPN. Disney's sports empire is practically inescapable, especially if you watch college sports, and it's essentially impossible to pay for conventional television without getting ESPN thrown into the package, whether you want it or not. So if you're paying for it, you might as well get it on your phone too, right? ESPN's live streaming service WatchESPN is now available within the primary ESPN app itself. Previously WatchESPN was a separate Android app.

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Google+ Photos Gets Chromecast Support, Joined By WatchESPN And MLS Matchday [Update: Crunchyroll, Too]

Update: Anime provider Crunchyroll has gained Chromecast support as well.


The 2014 FIFA World Cup will start next week, making this just the right time for WatchESPN and MLS Matchday to roll out their new ability to stream matches straight to Chromecast. You still need a cable subscription to enjoy any of the content, but the feature prevents having to reach for the TV remote and navigate that troublesome guide for the correct channel. Just fire up that app and poke that touchscreen the way we Android fans just can't get enough of.

Those of you who are lucky enough to attend the game in person can rest assured knowing that when you get back, Google+ Photos is now ready to let you toss up those photos and recordings you took up onto the big screen as well.

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AT&T U-verse Customers Can Now Stream Live Video With The WatchESPN App

Are you an AT&T U-verse customer who's been chomping at the bit to get your hands (or eyes, rather) on some sports action while on-the-go? Today's your lucky day – AT&T and ESPN just announced support for the WatchESPN app for qualifying U-verse customers. And by "qualifying" they mean "customers who actually have ESPN as part of their package." So, that should be pretty much everyone, right?


Either way, the app is free so you can hit up the Play Store to grab it, enter your U-verse login credentials, and away you go. Just in time for the NBA Playoffs, too.

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WatchESPN App Updated With Support For Comcast Customers

If you love ESPN but are angry because Comcast won't let you watch it on your phone through the WatchESPN app, your luck just changed. The most recent update to the app fixes that exact issue: it now allows Comcast customers who get ESPN as part of the TV package watch the channel on their smartphone or tablet.


That's really the only major difference with this update - aside from the always-included bug fixes, of course. If you already have the app installed, you can pull the update now. But, if you're a Comcast customer who uninstalled it in a fit of rage after realizing that it was basically worthless to you, hit the widget below.

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