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[Deal Alert] Get a gold Moto 360 (2nd Gen) in 42mm guise for just $228 on Amazon (40% off)

The second generation Moto 360 just celebrated its one-year birthday two days ago, but it's still one of the most capable smartwatches out. Now, for a limited time, you can pick one up in the Men's 42mm size from Amazon for just $228 in a gold-on-gold color scheme.

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Michael Kors Access smartwatch line now available, powered by Android Wear

One of the more interesting aspects of Android Wear, and smartwatches in general, is how they are being embraced by traditional watch companies. Michael Kors, one of the most well-known fashion brands in the world, has officially released their Michael Kors Access brand of smartwatches.

There is a total of seven smartwatches to choose from, with four of the 'Bradshaw' lineup (seen above) and two more of the 'Dylan' line. The price range from $350 to $395, while expensive for an Android Wear watch, isn't nearly as pricey as the TAG Heuer Connected. All watches include exclusive Michael Kors watch faces, wireless charging, and interchangeable bands.

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Samsung announces 2 Gear S3 variants at IFA with larger designs, GPS, and Samsung Pay

After some teasing in weeks prior, Samsung has taken the wraps off the Gear S3 at IFA. Although the Gear S2 was already a potent smartwatch, the Gear S3 adds a host of new features that make it even more competitive with Android Wear's crop of offerings, including the just-announced ASUS ZenWatch 3.

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TAG Heuer's Android Wear Watch Is Called The Connected, Costs $1500 With Sapphire Glass, A Titanium Body, And 1GB Of RAM

TAG Heuer has now officially announced the most expensive smartwatch running Android Wear, which means (by the infallible logic of luxury watch enthusiasts) that it's also the best. To be fair, in terms of materials and technical hardware, the TAG Heuer Connected probably is the best Wear device at the moment: it uses a new-to-Wear 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and 1GB of RAM, along with 4GB of storage and a 410mAh battery. That means it should be faster than most current Wear devices, and with double the memory, it might have significantly better performance. It had better: TAG's suggested price and the going rate on the online store is a whopping $1500.

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Hands-On With The (Turned Off) LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition

Though LG said it wasn't the "star" of today's event, the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE (a mouthful) did make a cameo at the presentation. We got a few minutes to play with the device hands-on, but eyes-off - the watches on display were actually powered off, so we couldn't even use them in demo mode. Still, it's worth taking a look at least at the form factor of the watch.

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Motorola '360S' And '360L' Items With Different Batteries Listed On Anatel In Brazil, Point Towards Multiple Sizes For Next-Gen Moto 360

We've seen a possible early look at the next version of Motorola's Moto 360 watch earlier today, and now it looks like there are new indications of multiple models for the Android Wear line. Anatel, Brazil's federal telecom regulator (the equivalent of the FCC in the US) has listed two new Motorola devices for certification: the 360S and 360L. The product names obviously point to new watch models, but it's the batteries that should really pique your interest. The listing was spotted by 9to5 Google.

In addition to standard radio documentation for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Anatel lists the 360S with a 270mAh battery and the 360L with a 375mAh battery.

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Android Wear App v1.1 Rolls Out With An Updated Look, Multiple Watch Support, Cloud Sync Over Wi-Fi, And Calendars From Any Account [APK Download]

Google let the cat out of the bag yesterday with a blog post detailing just what we should expect in the next major version to Android Wear. An upcoming software update will be adding Wi-Fi support, always-on apps, and a few other interesting options. While we wait for new firmwares to hit our wrist-bound hardware, the Android Wear app just received its own update to prepare for the new features. This isn't just a small maintenance release to add configuration screens, there are some major visual and organizational improvements, and a few new features.

What's New

2015-04-22 00.29.242015-04-22 00.29.312015-04-22 00.29.47

Most of the main screen has been completely redesigned.

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Lenovo CEO Allegedly Leaks A Possible Follow-Up To The Moto 360, Complete With Exposed Lugs... And The Same 'Flat Tire' Screen

You knew it was coming. With the Moto 360 being easily the most exciting Android Wear device from the initial video almost exactly a year ago, and then being something of a disappointment upon release thanks to its ancient chipset and not-really-360-degree "round" screen, a follow-up was inevitable. It looks like an executive from Lenovo (the new owners of Motorola Mobility) may have let the cat out of the bag on the company's next Android Wear smartwatch.

19 - 1

Chinese Facebook community HelloMotoHK posted the image above last night, claiming that it was a photo taken by Lenovo's CEO Yang Yuanqing.

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IO 2015 Watch Face Amps Up Your Anticipation For Google's Annual Event With Every Passing Second

We're all looking forward to Google I/O. Some of us frequently check the official website to count the days until registrations are open, so we are familiar with the cool font and animations used for the event's hashtag and countdown. They're all about Material Design — layers, colors, shadows, FABs, and all the design elements that have populated our conscious and subconscious dreams for the past months.

Now you can count the time until I/O more accurately and with the same style, thanks to this IO 2015 Watch Face. It uses the same font, works on both round and square watches, has cool animations and transitions when turning on and off, switches to a battery-friendly ambient mode, offers the choice between 12h and 24h formats, and comes in 7 colors to satiate the Material junkie inside us all.

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Wear Charging Widget Emulates And Improves Upon The Moto 360's Charging Screen — Available For All Wear Watches

Ever wanted the Moto 360's charging screen on another Android Wear watch? Ever wished you could see more information on that charging screen? If you answered yes to at least one of these two questions, then you might be interested in Wear Charging Widget.

The application automatically triggers when your Android Wear watch is charging. With a Moto 360-inspired design, it has an evolving circle that shows the current amount of charge on the watch, along with the time, date, and weather. Then if you want to disable it for some reason, you simply long press the screen to exit the app.

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