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LG Watch W7 drops to $190 ($210 off) at B&H

LG announced the Watch W7 last year with an exorbitant $450 price tag. Thankfully, that price didn't last long—the watch went on "sale" almost immediately and has never sold for full price. It's even cheaper than usual today, though. You can pick up this smartwatch for $190 at B&H.

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LG Watch W7 drops another $50 to $200 at B&H

In hindsight, LG's decision to launch the Watch W7 at $450 was a mistake. Selling expensive wearables is hard, and the mechanical hands gimmick is not exactly a big selling point. Retailers almost immediately dropped the price to $250, and now it's $50 cheaper than that.

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LG Watch W7 review: A smartwatch that shouldn't be ignored

If we're to listen to complaints about Wear OS, the one thing everybody agrees on is that OEMs should try new things. That's why it's interesting to see that LG's announcement of the Watch W7 instantly became the most criticized smartwatch of 2018 — possibly ever. It had an old chipset, a small-ish battery, and hands that obscured the screen. The watch was mocked so relentlessly, we had our doubts that it would ever come out.

But does it really deserve so much hate? There are certainly some compromises and problems, but when you start to consider that the W7 also comes with solutions for some of the common complaints about smartwatches, it might have some potential. I've

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LG Watch W7 drops to $220 ($230 off), quite possibly the biggest smartwatch flop of 2018

LG's announcement of the Watch W7 was met with jeers and derision. That was not only because mechanical hands on a smartwatch are a bit silly, but LG wanted a whopping $450 for the device. That was a tough sell in a world where Android smartwatches have yet to prove their utility, but that price didn't last long. After dropping almost immediately to $250, the Lg Watch Wy is now down another $30.

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The LG Watch W7 is a neat proof of concept, but who the heck would actually want to buy one?

LG has just launched its latest smartwatch, and she is a weird one: the LG Watch W7. Unlike the company's past models like the Watch Style and Watch Sport, the W7 marries a circular LCD with a pair of mechanical hands — just like you'd find on an ancient dumbwatch. The idea's based around some sensible thoughts, like having the analog system offer battery life that extends into the months-long range, but between absent mainstream smartwatch features, a steep price tag, and those dang physical hands obscuring the smartwatch screen, it's difficult to pin down exactly who this watch might appeal to.

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