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[Update: Googler confirms Google Store now only stocks in-house hardware] Android Wear section vanishes from Google Store, with LG Watch Sport and Style now showing as "no longer available"

Android Wear isn't an especially popular platform these days, but plenty of people still use it - enough for Google to have released two new smartwatches, the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style, earlier this year. But just eight months after their release, the Android Wear page has disappeared from the Google Store's home page. And more interestingly, both the Watch Sport and Watch Style are now marked as "no longer available."

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[Deal Alert] LG Watch Sport is just $239.99 ($110 off) at Daily Steals with coupon code

At launch, the LG Watch Sport cost a whopping $349, putting it on the higher end of the Android Wear market. In fairness, it did pack a lot of features, but $350 is still a hard pill to swallow for a smartwatch. But now, you can get a brand new Watch Sport for just $239.99 - a substantial $110 off the original MSRP - at Daily Steals.

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Verizon axes LG Watch Sport, offers $100 credit for other watches to pre-orderers

When the LG Watch Sport was announced, Verizon was on the list of carriers that would sell it. However, it's been three months since then, and Verizon still hasn't made it available for sale, with nothing being shipped to pre-orderers. It turns out that the chunky device has been completely canceled for Big Red.

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Google and LG announce the Watch Style and Sport, coming February 10th for $249 and $349, respectively

While not exactly the best-kept secret, Google and LG's collaborative smartwatch effort was fully announced today with the detailing of the Watch Style and Watch Sport. Pretty much every rumor you've heard from us and others to date was on point here, so a lot of this is going to be rehash, but we'll go through the motions.

First, the details you'll want if you're a prospective buyer: Both watches go on sale on February 10th in the United States. Both will be on the Google Store, where you'll be able to get the Watch Style for $249 ($279 for rose gold), and the Watch Sport - including a Google Store exclusive blue version - for $349.

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Source: The first new smartwatch with Android Pay, the LG Watch Sport, will cost $349

After revealing late last week that LG's Watch Style will come in at $249, today we can confirm via one of our trusted sources that its bigger, LTE-enabled brother will cost $100 more. The LG Watch Sport will have an MSRP of $349 here in the US, though it is unclear if color or band options could raise that price for certain configurations.

As a reminder, the Watch Sport brings a lot of features that the Watch Style will lack: LTE for true standalone functionality, NFC for Android Pay, GPS, a heart-rate monitor, a bigger, denser screen, and more buttons.

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