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YouTube on TV finally lets you save videos to watch later or your existing playlists

YouTube is one of the most used apps on my Shield TV; it's what my husband and I often go to when we want to catch up on videos from our favorite channels. However, two missing features have always annoyed us about the app on Android TV: one is the lack of playback speed controls, and two is the complete absence of ways to add videos to my Watch Later playlist or other lists. The latter functionality is finally rolling out now.

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YouTube v12.19 includes the first signs of a new "reel" feature and an option to quickly clear the Watch Later list of videos you've already seen [APK Teardown]

Updates to the YouTube app have been rolling in at a pretty rapid pace lately, with version 12.19 being the most recent to land on devices. There weren't any notable changes to be seen in the apps, but an examination of the apk did turn up a couple of things to get excited about. There's a mysterious new "reel" feature in the works and a handy function for wiping the Watch Later playlist of videos you've already seen.

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YouTube App Adds 'Watch Later' Action To 'New Upload' Notifications

Google added the handy "bell" icon to the YouTube app's channel screens last summer to make signing up for "new upload" notifications quick and painless. But until now, users could only watch the video immediately, or take a shortcut to settings to disable the notification.

Recently though, it seems the YouTube app's upload notifications are gaining a new action - watch later. If you don't want to see the latest video from your favorite channel right this second, you can tap this new action to add it to your Watch Later list on YouTube. Here's a before-and-after shot of the notification:

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[Update: Changelog Posted] YouTube Gaming v1.1 Adds Live Screencasting To Android Devices, Watch Later, And Easy Import For Game Subscriptions [APK Download]

Google wants to be the undisputed leader in live streaming video games. With the announcement of YouTube Gaming, Google declared its intention to do battle with Twitch over an industry that may eventually amass a mind-blowing number of viewers. We're now receiving the first major app update to YouTube Gaming, and it's a huge one. Version 1.1 introduces screen recording and live screencasting directly from an Android device. On the content consumption side of things, the Watch Later feature from YouTube has been added in, and there's also a new import tool for quickly and easily porting your gaming-related subscriptions over to the new app.

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