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Pablo Escobar's brother wants to sell you a $400 Galaxy Fold clone that is definitely real

I'm generally of the opinion that we shouldn't given attention to those who are seeking it for the wrong reasons or under false pretenses, but I just couldn't ignore this story: Escobar Inc. (yes, that Escobar) is now telling consumers that it will sell a very-much-not-a-counterfeit Galaxy Fold for the low, low price of $400.

Let us be clear from the outset: the product pictured on the company's website is very clearly a real, genuine Samsung Galaxy fold covered in a tacky gold vinyl skin with Escobar Inc's logos haphazardly slapped upon it. Let us also be clear that the phone's specs, like the Snapdragon 855 processor, 5 cameras, 7.3" AMOLED primary display, and most others are lifted straight from the Galaxy Fold.

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Andy Rubin just posted pictures of Essential's next phone and, uh, we have questions

It turns out that the folding phone isn't the only weird form factor these days. Andy Rubin, the man behind Essential, just posted the first photos of the company's upcoming phone on Twitter. It's quite the departure from the PH-1, but if you like how tall Sony's 21:9 phones are, you're in for a real treat.

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Watch this video showing the ludicrously convoluted 11-13 step reset process for C by GE bulbs

We're pretty big fans of the C by GE bulb line here at Android Police, given the features, Assistant integration, and excellent price point. Although we pointed it out how tedious the reset process for the smartbulbs was in our reviews, the official video by GE Lighting describing the process is currently making the rounds, and it's pretty funny.

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The ZTE Axon 7 gets Android 8.0 Oreo, with several catches

After a beta program with bizarrely strict requirements for entry earlier this year, an update to Android 8.0 Oreo is now available for the ZTE Axon 7 — with more than one catch. The update isn't being pushed over the air, but rather has to be installed from an SD card, and it'll wipe your device.

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The Menu In Yelp's Android App Hides An Awesome Animated Easter Egg


[Update: Google Clarifies Description] Google Pushes New 'Interactive Events' App To The Play Store

Okay, we always get a little excited when a new app from Google Inc. appears in the Play Store. Tonight, Google's pushed an app called Interactive Events up, but we're not quite sure what it's for yet.

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Return Of The Game & Watch: Minecraft Pocket Edition Installed On Android Wear

There are very specific applications and implementations that make sense on Google's smartwatch platform. Minecraft isn't one of them. Even so, the first batch of Android Wear devices have at least as much processing power and memory as some of the older or cheaper smartphones, so it was only a matter of time before someone tried something like this. That someone is YouTube user and Galaxy Gear owner Corbin Davenport.

Corbin says that he didn't do anything special to get Minecraft: Pocket Edition running on his Gear Live, just manually installed it (I'm assuming he used the standard ADB commands). Since the Gear Live uses a Snapdragon 400 processor running at 1.2Ghz, with half a gigabyte of RAM and 4GB of storage, it's got more than enough oomph to play the ubiquitous building game, though I'm betting that it's only working in local mode.

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LG Makes The G3 Stylus Official, And It's Basically An Underpowered G3 With A Pen

Earlier this month LG let the G3 Stylus slip out in an ad, though at the time we weren't exactly sure what the device was. Now we know, because LG made it official. Spoiler: it's not as cool as you hoped. I promise.

So the G3 Stylus looks like a G3 with a stylus, and it packs some of the features that makes the G3 cool, but it's not a G3 with a stylus. It's some weak device running around in a G3's clothes. I bet the G3 will be pissed when it finds out something has been raiding its closet.

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[New App] Intel Releases Pocket Avatars, A Video Chat App With Face Tracking Technology That No One Will Use

Intel might have finally cracked the video messaging code. See, you'd probably send more video messages to people if you looked like a giant anthropomorphized puffer fish. Heck, you might even pay for the privilege of looking like George Washington in said video message. So obviously, there's now an Intel app called Pocket Avatars that does just that.

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Minus Shifts From Instagram Clone To Randomized Chat App In Its Latest Reincarnation As 'Meow'

Hey, Minus, are you guys alright? Because you're demonstrating the developer equivalent of multiple personality disorder. Sixteen months after Dropbox-style cloud storage app Minus shifted 180 degrees to take aim at Instagram, it has once again become a completely different service, this time with a new name. Minus is now "Meow," a randomized chat client, sort of like Omegle or Chatroulette without the video. All that's left of the latest Minus re-brand, or indeed the original storage app, is the "" APK name.

unnamed (1) unnamed (3) unnamed (4)

There isn't much to Meow. It works as a standard all-in-one chat client a la WhatsApp and its army of clones, with a contact list sourced from Gmail and Facebook.

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