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[Update: Westworld is shutting down] Bethesda lawsuit says Westworld game stole Fallout Shelter code, even has the same bugs

Westworld Mobile landed on Android a mere two days ago, and at the time pretty much everyone remarked that the game was very similar to Fallout Shelter. Turns out, it might have a bit too much in common with that game, as Bethesda is suing Warner Bros. and Behavior Interactive, the developers contracted to make Fallout Shelter for Bethesda. Apparently, WB hired Behavior to make Westworld, and Bethesda alleges some of the IP used in the recent game's creation stems from previous work on Fallout Shelter. It even has some pretty damning evidence. 

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'DC Universe' subscription service leaves beta, costs $8 a month

Back in June, Warner announced a new subscription service called 'DC Universe.' It includes a wide variety of new and old video content, digital comics, and an exclusive online store. To celebrate Batman Day, which is apparently a holiday, DC Universe is out of beta and available to everyone.

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Warner Bros. just opened up the beta for its 'Westworld' simulation game

A few months back Warner Bros. released a Westworld simulation game on the Play Store as a limited soft-launch testing release. Sadly it was region locked, which means anyone outside of the testing region was unable to play it. Well, that all changes today as Warner Bros. have just opened up their beta to the majority of Android users. Yep, that's right, there is a Westworld game available on the Play Store, and you can install it right now.

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Jam City unveils a teaser trailer for 'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery'

Jam City's upcoming RPG Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (not to be confused with Niantic's planned augmented reality Harry Potter title "Wizard's Unite") has just had a teaser trailer released that shows off a few key details of the game. It would appear that players will be creating a personalized Hogwarts student avatar to then roleplay what it would be like to attend classes, learn magical skills, and form friendships or rivalries in the Harry Potter universe.

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Justice League VR: Join the League is a completely free Cardboard VR minigame collection from Warner Bros.

All you Cardboard VR headset owners should take a quick look at Warner Bros. latest title on the Play Store. It is titled Justice League VR: Join the League, and it is a DC superhero themed minigame collection just released for the Cardboard VR platform. Each minigame has a different DC superhero as its protagonist, with a total of five games to choose from.

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[Deal Alert] Lego Harry Potter is down to $0.49 ($4.50 off) in multiple countries, including U.S.

In many parts of the world, we are preparing for the most magical time of the year. What's better to go with the holiday season than a little bit of wizardry? Well, we've got you covered. The Lego Harry Potter games, both Years 1-4 and 5-7, are on sale for $0.49 each in several countries including the U.S.

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DC Legends is now available for Android from WB Games

Do you love mobile RPGs with in-app purchases? Is your love for DC characters not diminished from poor movie adaptions? Then DC Legends might just be the game for you. After appearing on the Play Store for pre-registration, the game is finally available for download.

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Samsung Announces Batman-Themed Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition To Commemorate Third Anniversary Of Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile Game

Have you been trying to decide which phone to buy, but none of them are Batman enough? Then Samsung has just the product for you. In partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive, Samsung has announced the Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition.

Fans might be wondering what this is all about. Well, you see, we've come upon the three-year anniversary of the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, which (for you non-fans) is a Batman mobile game. In other words, Samsung wants to promote the gaming experience on the S7 edge as well as convert a few more people into customers while Warner Bros.

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LEGO Lord Of The Rings Pops Up In The Play Store Three Years After Console Versions

LEGO's relentless acquisition of licenses with which to make building sets is matched in fervor only by its media partner Warner Bros' frenzy to turn them into video games. So it is with Lord of the Rings, which has been a staple of the toys for years, but was made into a full-fledged video game for home and portable consoles in late 2012. As has been done with Star Wars, Batman, and a few other LEGO properties, the portable versions of that game (Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable) have been adapted into a mobile version. You can get it from the Play Store right now.

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High-Profile Gory Fighter Mortal Kombat X (Or At Least The Free-To-Play Mobile Version) Is Now Available On The Play Store

The once and future king of stylized hyper-violent video games is back. The mobile version of Mortal Kombat X, published by Warner Brothers Interactive and developed by NetherRealm, is now ready to download in the Google Play Store after a lengthy geo-limited soft launch. It features high-end graphics and a 2D fighting system based mostly on taps, swipes, charges, and other gestures, very much like NetherRealm's previous mobile fighters Injustice: Gods Among Us and WWE Immortals.

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The basic structure uses collectible upgradeable "cards" as stand-ins for the iconic fighters, encouraging players to find and upgrade personalized versions of the over-the-top characters (as opposed to a more conventional static roster).

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