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[Tree Houses Are For Chumps] The Skysphere Is The Ultimate Geeky Android-Controlled Man Tower

So you have a miniature remote controlled car that you can race around with your Android phone. Big whoop. This guy built a quasi-flying capsule that he controls with his smartphone. He wins. Over and over again. But let's back up to the beginning of the story.

Jono Williams is a plastics engineer and graphic designer who lives in New Zealand. He wanted to build a tree house, but he struggled for months with the limitations. See, trees grow with time, they are prone to the elements and could damage whatever structure you build between or on them, and they tend to obscure the view at least from several angles.

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[New App] As If It Wasn't Cool Enough: Tesla Model S Gets Its Own Android App

Our demographics adviser tells us that there might just be five people on earth who are both regular Android Police readers and Model S owners. But if a quick scan of the office is a valid measure of interest, there's at least a few of you who are excited by the prospect of an official Tesla app, even if a longing glance is as close as we'll ever get to driving one. For you lucky devils who have an all-electric sedan sitting in your four-car garage, take a quick stroll over to the Play Store to get your companion app on.

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[Review] Wave Launcher Is Like Having WebOS On A Phone That You Actually Want

WebOS may catch a lot of flack because it never really took off but it does, in fact, have some really awesome features. One feature was the card view multitasking, which has already found its way onto Android. Another cool thing it did was that wacky swipe-up-from-the-bottom launcher gesture. Well, folks, guess what there's an app for now. It's called Wave Launcher - and it's great.

Wave Launcher's beauty is in its simplicity, just like its WebOS predecessor. You simply touch the bottom edge of your screen and swipe up. As you swipe up, so does a bar of five or more applications for you to select.

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