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Walmart's new $65 Onn Tablet is better than you’d think

Amazon has mastered the art of selling cheap Android tablets. The company shipped roughly 11.9 million tablets in 2018, passed only by Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. The combination of decent performance, Alexa integration, and low prices have made the success of the Fire lineup difficult to copy.

Walmart is already competing with Amazon on several fronts, so it only makes sense that the company would try to make tablets too. The Walmart "Onn" comes in two sizes, 8 inches and 10 inches, intended to compete with the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10, respectively. I bought the $65 8-inch model for review, and while it won't break any speed records, it undercuts the Fire HD 8 and has a better software experience to boot.

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Huge Google Nest smart cam sale is here for last-minute Father's Day gifts

If your pop's idea of Father's Day involves home improvement, this ongoing promotion for Google Nest hardware might be of interest. Right now Google has a ton of its smart home hardware on sale for the upcoming holiday, notably including a rare discount on the Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, which can be had for $50 off ($300) for one, and $80 off ($518) if you get the two-pack.

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Walmart's Amazon Key knock-off will have strangers stocking your fridge

Amazon launched its Key in-home delivery service last year, but now Walmart has taken that idea and run with it. The mega-retailer's new InHome service lets you order groceries online for delivery. Instead of just dropping off items inside the door like Key, Walmart will literally put them in your refrigerator while you're away.

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Lenovo's budget S330 Chromebook is just $160 ($90 off) right now

One of the many Chromebooks Lenovo released last year was the S330, a budget 14-inch model that still had decent hardware. The original MSRP was $250, but more recently it has gone for ~$220. Now you can get it from Walmart for just $159.99.

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Walmart will soon offer free one-day delivery across the United States

Walmart may no longer be available through Google Express, but the company now has even more options for shipping. The 'Crap store,' as fellow AP writer Ryne so eloquently put it, is now starting to offer free one-day delivery for general merchandise at select locations.

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TP-Link's new $99 system lets you get started with mesh Wi-Fi on the cheap

Is a price war brewing in the field of mesh Wi-Fi routers? If so, TP-Link may have fired the first cannon. The company debuted a new base station design this year, selling three-packs under the name of the Deco M4 for $180. Now, it has decided to go for Google Wifi's jugular, selling two-packs of those new stations exclusively at Walmart for $100.

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Google Pixelbook i7/512GB model is $1,199 ($451 off) from Amazon and Walmart

Not many people require a ton of power and storage with their Chromebooks, but for those who do, Google offers a Pixelbook with a Core i7, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. With an MSRP of $1,650, it's no surprise that this spec is frequently discounted. It's currently down to $1,199 on Amazon and Walmart (well, it's a dollar more), which equates to a ~$450 discount.

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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 as low as $400 from Best Buy, down to $500 at various retailers

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is now relegated to the shadows of the newer S10, but it still has enough going for it to be a strong consideration for anyone looking to purchase a well-spec'ed smartphone without spending ludicrous amounts of money. The S9 is currently available for $400 from Best Buy with an activation at purchase or for $500 without any activation requirement from that retailer and others. The larger S9+ is also available for $500 from Best Buy with activation or for as little as $574 without any activation from various retailers.

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With Walmart Voice Order you can shop for groceries via Google Assistant

We were a bit perplexed earlier in the year when we saw that Walmart had mysteriously disappeared from Google Express, but it seems the two companies are still collaborating on other ventures. Online grocery shopping with pickup or delivery is a popular service from Walmart, and it's now getting even easier with a new Google Assistant voice ordering capabilities.

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Crap store plans crap tablet

Bloomberg is reporting that Walmart is "moving into iPad territory," in its plans to make a children's tablet. This clearly low-end device from a retailer known for its cheapness somehow constitutes — and I feel the need to quote Bloomberg again here — an "iPad rival."

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