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Relay from Republic Wireless is an LTE and WiFi walkie-talkie that helps families stay in touch

In this age of smartphones, there is some legitimate concern over how much screen time is safe and/or healthy for children. Wherever you fall in this discussion is your business, but Republic Wireless is taking a step in helping families stay in on-demand communication without the need for a display. That initiative is called Relay, a small LTE/Wifi-enabled walkie-talkie that works wherever a phone does (including location tracking).

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Toymail Launches Android App That Lets Parents Talk To Kids Via Animal Walkie Talkies With Funny Voices

Don't try too hard to pitch a product. When I first came across Toymail, I thought it seemed amusing enough. Here's the concept - people (preferably parents, siblings, or friends) speak a message into an app, and that message then comes out of a kid's toy in a weird voice. There's potential for fun here. Sure, I see it. I've been a kid before.

But then I watched the promotional video.

Like many tech trailers, this ad isn't content to tell you that the product is silly and that kids will love it regardless. Instead, it must demonstrate how this device will single-handedly enrich peoples' quality of life by bringing them closer together to the kids they love.

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