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[Update: Pioneer models back] Android Auto arrives on new cars from VW, Audi, Kia, and many more

Every few weeks for so, Google updates the Android Auto website with a list of newly-supported cars. This time around, though, there are far more cars (and head units) than usual from a wide variety of brands that have just had AA support added.

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[Android Car Review] The 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Is A Great Way To Get Android Auto For Just $21,000 (Or Even Less)

The Volkswagen Jetta is, admittedly, the occasional butt of car enthusiast jokes. Long considered a slightly snobby small economy sedan because of its comparatively high price of entry and less-than-great reliability reviews, the car didn't sell amazingly well here in the states for quite some time. Five years ago, VW tried to turn that sales situation around, completely redesigning the Jetta and drastically reducing the cost of many of its constituent parts - the result was the Mk.VI Jetta, and sales did go up quite noticeably.

But the car was compromised, and reviewers generally weren’t fans. Cost-cuts included things like fitting an unrefined rear beam-axle suspension system on most models, ditching optional leather trims, saddling the base car with a gutless 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder engine, and conducting most of the design and assembly in Mexico instead of Germany.

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[Hands-On] Volkswagen Officially Unveils Android Auto On Upcoming 2016 Models, Some Hitting US Dealers Within Days

At an event in California earlier today, Volkswagen officially announced that upcoming 2016 VW models will be Android Auto-ready. Which models? For now, what we know is this: most model year 2016 VWs at "SE" trim and above will likely pack the generation two MIB infotainment system, which has Android Auto (and Apple CarPlay). There are 6.5" and 8" versions of MIB 2, but both offer the same Auto experience.

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