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Nvidia acknowledges 4K playback issue on Shield TV with some apps

If you have a Shield TV, you may have noticed that some apps have stopped playing content in 4K. That's annoying, but Nvidia has acknowledged the issue and said it's working on a solution.

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Thanksgiving Film Fest: You can watch 'Hackers' and 98 other movies for free on YouTube now (with ads)

If your wallet is already suffering from the major influx of pre-Black Friday deals, here's a welcome relief: YouTube now offers a bunch of free, ad-supported movies (at least in the US). Forget about your holiday spending woes and binge watch old school classics like Hackers, The Terminator, and a marathon's worth of Rocky films.

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Vudu gains HDR video and Assistant capabilities on SHIELD

Vudu might not be the most popular video streaming service, but it's more useful on the SHIELD starting today. The app now has support for Google Assistant commands, and the SHIELD can output HDR video from Vudu. Of course, you'll need to own some HDR content on Vudu first.

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Movies Anywhere aims to unify your movie collection into a single digital library

Disney's Movies Anywhere has just launched a new service that allows you to store and access all your movies in one place. It has support from 5 major Hollywood studios, but more importantly also from 4 digital retailers where users already have movie libraries. Content from Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu can be brought into the Movies Anywhere app, which is great for anyone with a fragmented collection spanning more than one of those services. Now, you'll only ever need to use one app again.

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Latest Vudu update adds multiple features, including a watch list, swag shop, and video zooming [APK Download]

Movie and TV streaming app Vudu has become a popular option on Android in recent years. Its last big update added a nifty service that allows you to digitize your old discs for a small fee, and implementing parental controls was another important recent improvement. The latest update, to version, brings more useful features that you might expect from a streaming app of its kind.

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[Deal Alert] VUDU has 30 HDX movies available to rent for just 10 cents apiece

These days, you can't buy much for a dime. Back in the 19th century, you could get half a pie in New York City restaurants or two tall glasses of beer in Boston saloons with 10 cents, but times have changed - or have they? For a limited time, VUDU is offering up 30 movies in Digital HDX for just 10 cents per rental.

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Vudu Disc-to-Digital goes mobile: scan your DVD collection and convert it to digital for a fee [Updated]

Vudu has offered a Disc-to-Digital service for a while for those who wanted to convert their physical DVD and Blu-Ray movie collection to digital. However, the service either required you to pop into a Walmart with all of your discs in hand or download the app on your computer and insert discs one by one to verify that you own them. Now, the option is available on mobile.

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[Update: It's Over] Deal Alert: Free $5 credit for all VUDU accounts that can be used for rentals or purchases

Attention movie lovers: You are eligible for a free $5 credit on VUDU. The offer is good for new, or existing subscribers and can be applied toward any movie rental or purchase in VUDU's substantial library, including UHD titles. Yes, it is free movie money, no strings attached.

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VUDU app for Android now supports offline playback for rented content

The Walmart-owned Vudu is one of several services that allow you to rent and buy movies online. Much like Google Play Movies, you can rent or buy content in either standard or high definition (albeit at around the price of a physical copy) and watch on any supported device. The company has had an Android application for some time now, but the 5.0 update brings a few much-needed improvements.

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Vudu introduces new service, Vudu Movies On Us, with free films with limited commercials

Vudu, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the company, is a digital movie provider owned by Walmart. It's been around for quite some time serving up movie rentals, purchases, and digital redemptions. T-Mobile customers should all be quite familiar with the service by now as a free digital rental has been included almost every other week as part of the T-Mobile Tuesday promotion.

Today, Vudu announced a new service called Vudu Movies On Us. Essentially, it's a service that lets you watch movies and TV shows for free, albeit with a few ads sprinkled in (think Crackle).

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