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Google's Daydream View VR headset is now available in India from Flipkart for 6499 INR

We've had the Daydream View VR headset here in the States for nearly half a year now, but the same can't be said for many other countries. However, Google has just announced that the Daydream View can now be purchased in India from major retailer Flipkart for 6499 rupees.

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[Deal Alert] Buy a Daydream View from the Google Store and get $25 of Google Play credit

VR is not everyone's cup of tea yet and that's understandable. Great headsets cost a lot of money and require a powerful computer setup, and affordable headsets have a lot of limitations and don't really provide a good-enough reason to use them once the novelty wears off. But Google's Daydream View is one of the most decent options in the latter category and it's about to get better once Daydream 2.0 rolls around and casting capabilities let you share your experiences with friends and people around you.

If you want to get ready for that and need a little incentive, the Google Store has a nice deal on the Daydream View headset.

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MLB's At Bat VR app lets you stream live games with Daydream

Major League Baseball (MLB) is no stranger to VR experiences. Now, in what it's calling the "first-ever complete live-game virtual-reality sports experience," you can stream live games through Daydream with the new At Bat VR app. The app aims to combine the experience of watching live on MLB TV while keeping an eye on stats through Gameday on a phone, tablet or laptop.

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Oculus adds Chromecast support to Gear VR

You might recall a Daydream VR tidbit in the torrent of Google I/O news earlier this month; Daydream 2.0 will include Chromecast support. Not to be outdone, Oculus has announced that Gear VR can do that starting now, or just as soon as a new version of the Oculus app can be rolled out to Samsung devices. This makes VR just a tiny bit less antisocial.

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Happy 10th birthday, Google Street View!

It's hard to believe, but Google's Street View is officially 10 years old. What started out as a goofy little side project (like many of Google's most interesting products) has now managed to image numerous countries in every continent on the planet. The Google Maps add-on has even managed to gain a new lease of life with respect to virtual reality, and has proven popular as an educational tool taking learners all around the world on tours to places they might never get to see with their own eyes.

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Daydream and Daydream Keyboard updated to v1.6 with new languages, better punctuation layout, and more

Google announced a new standalone VR platform at I/O this year, but it's not stopping work on the existing Daydream apps and services. There's an update rolling out today to Daydream and the Daydream Keyboard. Both have version number 1.6, but only the keyboard has anything interesting in the changelog.

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Google releases Daydream Elements, a new demo app for best VR practices

If you're considering building a new VR game or app experience, you may be facing new challenges in how to create realistic scenes, how to move your characters across space without dizzying the player, and how to choose between click and gesture controls depending on what's best for your setting.

Daydream Elements is a new open-source app by Google that provides tech demos for many scenarios regarding these 3 areas: locomotion, menus and virtual controls, and rendering and lighting. There's also a full documentation page with explanations and details on each aspect, plus the source code on GitHub, so you should have everything at your disposal.

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Google is preparing Daydream 2.0, Chrome VR, and new tools for virtual/augmented reality developers

In all of the hubbub of yesterday's I/O keynote, Google took some time to mention a few changes and additions coming to Daydream and Tango, its virtual and augmented reality platforms respectively. While we got some interesting news about Standalone and WorldSense, Google has revealed more information about what we can expect from the future of VR/AR.

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Google's education app Expeditions is getting a new AR mode

At I/O two years ago, Google introduced Expeditions, an educational tool allowing teachers to take their classes on virtual reality field trips, and it's since been experienced by more than 2 million students around the world. It could be used with an inexpensive viewer such as Google Cardboard to tour a variety of virtual spaces, such as Antarctica or the International Space Station. During this year's I/O keynote, Google's VP of Virtual Reality Clay Bavor announced a new feature for the app — it now includes an AR mode.

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Daydream comes to the Galaxy S8 this summer, a future LG phone later this year

Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 with support for the Gear VR (obviously), but Google's VR platform got the cold shoulder. The GS8 could have had both if Samsung wanted, and Samsung and Google have apparently come to an understanding. Yes, Daydream is coming to the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

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