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Google launches Tabel, an experimental WebVR film

Google is starting to really push WebVR, the in-browser virtual reality platform that Chrome recently started supporting. The company recently showed off 12 new WebVR experiments to showcase various different applications for the tech. Now, Google is launching something even more impressive, the experimental VR film Tabel.

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Samsung's Gear VR experience 'The Night Before' is an impressively produced piece of holiday marketing magic

Twas days before Christmas but Samsung's marketing team was still busy, creating new VR experiences that are sure to make you feel dizzy.

Their latest is quite a remarkable thing to behold, with a VR device pressed to your face you can watch Santa's magical journey unfold.

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Netflix VR for Daydream is now available on the Play Store

Google is making no small effort when it comes to lining up content for its new Daydream virtual reality platform, and that content isn't restricted to games and 360-degree video. Following in the footsteps of HBO and Hulu, Netflix now comes in VR flavor for those subscribers with a Pixel phone and a Daydream View headset. The app is live on the Play Store right now, though it's not compatible with non-Daydream systems - sorry, Gear VR owners.

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HBO joins the VR craze with an 'unreleased' Daydream version of HBO GO

So far the focus in the new wave of headset-based virtual reality content seems to be video games, simulations, 360-degree videos and the like, but as it turns out, conventional 2D video content is easy to adapt into an immersive (if not groundbreaking) experience. Google itself offers all the content on YouTube in Daydream flavor, and now HBO is following suit. The premium cable channel has published a Daydream-compatible version of its online component, HBO GO, in the Play Store as an unreleased app.

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