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Android might soon allow you to set Google Assistant volume independently

Android gives you separate volume control for media, notifications, and alarms, but Google appears to be working on adding a fourth slider to the mix. The AOSP Android 11 code suggests that the company is at least considering to add dedicated volume control for voice assistants, including but not limited to Google Assistant.

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Volume settings now called 'Sound' in Android 11 Dev Preview 3


Here are all the small changes in Android Q Beta 4

We've already covered well over 200 changes in the public betas of Android Q, but many of those are smaller tweaks that aren't quite important enough to be covered in dedicated posts. Following our coverage of Beta 1, 2, and 3, here are all the minor changes in Android Q Beta 4.

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Chromebook volume buttons will finally match device screen orientation

One annoying quirk with 2-in-1 Chromebooks (and Chrome OS tablets) has been with how volume controls work. The volume up/down buttons always stay in the same position, even if you flip the device around for example, when I used to have my Asus C302 in tablet mode, pressing where the volume up button should be actually turned the sound level down. Thankfully, this papercut is close to going away forever.

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Android Q Beta 2 brings back individual volume channel controls in new pop-up

Less than a month after the first one, Android Q Beta 2 has landed with a decent amount of changes in tow. Among those changes is a convenient new volume pop-up to control all of the different volumes without having to enter the settings app.

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Hulu now lets you adjust Chromecast playback volume using your phone


Call volume gets its own slider in settings on Android P DP4

The recently-released Android P developer preview 4 is meant to be one of the last two release candidates—according to Google's initial released timeline—and in general that means polishing up existing features more than introducing a lot of new ones. Even so, a few new tweaks are present in this latest build, like a new slider for controlling call volume in Settings -> Sound.

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Here are some more minor Android P DP3 changes you may have missed

Since Android P's inception, we've written over 100 feature spotlight posts about various new changes Google has added in. Even in its third developer preview, lots of changes are still being added, but some are so minor they don't really warrant their own posts. However, if you like nitpicking every little thing like many of us, this might be the post for you.

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Android P: Our 5 least favorite changes so far

Ten days have passed since we started digging into the Android P developer preview release, and while we've enjoyed many of the new changes and shared with you our five favorites, there are other modifications that left us scratching our heads a little. This is a developer preview, so things are expected to be buggy, some features could be experimental and could change with the next releases, but there are others that might be here to stay.

We've scoured our long, long list of Android P posts looking for those that we either don't like or that many of you voiced disapproval for.

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Android P feature spotlight: Volume buttons change media volume by default instead of the ringer

Android's separate volumes for media, calls, and alarms can be great in some situations and terrible in others. I'm sure many of you have tried to preemptively turn down the volume as a YouTube video is loading, only to set your phone to vibrate and have the video play at full volume anyways. Nine years after Android was first released, this problem has finally been solved.

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