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The new Google Voice app may get VoIP calls

Google reawakened the Voice app earlier this week after years of stagnation. It didn't really add anything to the experience, though. The new app just looks more modern. Google has pledged to remain committed to Voice, and now there are some hints about what's in store. According to 9to5Google, Google is working on VoIP calls in Voice.

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[Updated] Voice website banner mentions 'The new Google Voice,' but nothing seems to have changed

Remember Google Voice? Google's first stab at a voice-over-IP system is still up and running, though much of its functionality has been absorbed or augmented by the SMS and calling functions of Hangouts. It's a bit dusty in the Voice closet - the desktop web version of the service looks like a relic, and the Android app has only received a couple of maintenance updates in the last year and a half. But users who still rely on Google Voice as their primary phone number (like me!) have reason to be hopeful that the service hasn't been completely abandoned.

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Skype announces improvements to calls and voicemail

Skype is one of the most common ways to make video and VoIP calls, but there are a number of annoyances that seem to be carried over from traditional phone calls. It doesn't need to be this way, though, so Microsoft announced a few months ago that it planned to modernize Skype. Now, the first wave of changes are set to roll out, and they'll be coming to the Android app in the next few weeks.

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Skype's 7.0 Android Update Boasts A New Multi-Panel Interface For Tablets

I'm going to be perfectly honest: I avoid Skype like the plague, because its Windows client is legendarily awful. I actually install it and immediately uninstall it every time I need to talk to someone who only uses Skype. Perhaps the Skype Windows developer team should accept a little help from the mobile side, because the latest release looks really good, especially on tablets. The Skype blog announced a revamped tablet user interface in version 7.0 of the Android app.

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Netflix 4.1 Update Delivers Option To Call Support Directly From The App

Netflix is a pretty straightforward service, but sometimes things go wrong. Whether it's trouble with accounts, billing, or stuff failing to stream despite a strong Internet connection, occasionally folks need to ask for help.

The latest update lets you place calls directly inside of the app. This was a feature we saw listed as "coming soon" in a previous changelog.

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Official Skype For Business Android App Arrives On Google Play

Skype means business, and towards the end of the summer, it let people sign up to test a preview of the upcoming Android app. That testing period is over. The official Skype for Business app is now available in the Play Store.

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Google Makes Hangouts Calls To France Free In The Wake Of Attacks In Paris

After a series of shootings and explosions occurred in Paris Friday evening, Google has made calls to France via its Hangouts service temporarily free. Callers can use the Hangouts app on Android, iOS, and the web to place calls to the country without incurring the normal international charges. The Google+ post making the announcement did not specify any particular countries, so presumably free calls are available from any location where Hangouts can be used. It's not clear if Google Voice users are also being given free calls.

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Viber 5.6 Expands Maximum Character Limit, Adds Group Message Likes And Public Chats On Tablets

We don't mention Viber quite as often as WhatsApp around these corners, but the app sure has its own legions of fans and dedicated users thanks to continuous updates and interesting features being sprinkled in all the time. Take this last version 5.6 for example. It may not seem like a huge leap on paper, but it does bring feature parity between phones and tablets, and between individual conversations and group messages.

A new heart appears next to each message in group chats, so you can like what others are saying (as in the screenshot at the top of this article). Messages' maximum length has been expanded to 7,000 characters for those who want to talk uninterruptedly — it's almost long enough to fit one of David's reviews, ha!

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Skype App Updated To v5.5 With Single-Button Sign-In And Link Previews In Chat

The Skype app is getting a bump to v5.5 today, and it comes with a pair of improvements. No, it's not going material—you can't have everything. What you do get is a faster way to sign in and link previews in chat.

image01-android_5-5_signin image03-android_5-5_linkpreview

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Indian Carrier Airtel Cancels Plans To Charge Extra For VoIP After Public Opposition

Airtel is the largest mobile carrier in India, but even that kind of market position wasn't enough to push through a change the carrier desperately wanted. After announcing last week it would begin charging extra for VoIP data, Airtel has backed down in the face of bad press and angry customers. VoIP calls will continue to be billed as regular data, at least for now.

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