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New Google Assistant voice typing UI showing up in Gboard

Gboard users are being fed some new features that run the gamut from big to small. The biggest out of them is that some Pixel owners are now seeing a new Google Assistant-powered voice typing UI.

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YouTube gets smarter voice search and starts playing videos immediately after your query

To me, the whole idea of using voice search when I can just as easily type the exact query I want isn't appealing, but perhaps I should start changing my perception. Google's voice recognition algorithms are getting better and smarter, and one of the areas where you can notice this improvement is YouTube. Even more appealing now is the fact that YouTube immediately starts playing a video when you do a voice search.

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Gboard v7.8 prepares option to clear search history, enhancements to voice typing and clipboard manager [APK Teardown]


The latest update to the Gboard app is now out, but it doesn't appear to be adding any features in this update, or at least not yet. A teardown points to some enhancements to some features we've either seen in the past or expect to go live in the near future, including tweaks to the Clipboard Manager, an option to delete search history, follow-ups related to voice typing, and of course, a ton of new languages and localized keyboards.

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Google's speech input UI is getting a Material makeover

The speech input interface that is seen in apps like YouTube and the Play Store hasn't been updated for some time. If I'm remembering correctly, the last time it was revised was when the new Google logo replaced the old one, but it had remained largely the same for years before that as well. The company is now testing a Material-based UI that is a much better match for Android's current aesthetic.

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Google Adds Formatting And Editing Commands To Docs Voice Typing

Google added voice typing to Docs last year, but it was fairly limited. Today, Google is rolling out more features to voice typing in Docs. You now have control over formatting like text selection, punctuation, and copy / paste. While this is not strictly Android, it's pretty close and we think it's cool.

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Voice Typing Comes To Google Docs On The Web

Google has found ways of letting us send text messages, perform search queries, and launch apps using our voice. Some of this functionality has made its way over to the desktop, such as asking Google questions. Starting now, if you open a tab to Google Docs, you can also write out documents.

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