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[Update: In stable] WhatsApp beta rolls out continuous voice note playback and message forwarding count

Step by step, WhatsApp has been implementing features to combat the uncontrollable spread of fake or even just sugar-coated news on its platform. Today's update to the beta app includes one more measure to help monitor forwarded messages, but it also brings one very handy feature for voice notes.

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Instagram lets you send short voice notes in Direct messages

Instagram's foray into messaging is slowly expanding. What began as a simple messaging section for users to communicate without leaving the image-sharing app is now a quasi full-fledged messenger with support for GIFs, tight integration with Stories, video calling, disappearing media, and more. The latest addition that began rolling out yesterday is voice messages.

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WhatsApp 2.18.102 brings a voice note recording lock option

If you've been following the WhatsApp rumors, you'd know that we've been promised a voice recording lock option for a while now and it's finally live in the beta channel on version 2.18.102 of the app. The lock won't show up immediately after you start recording a voice note, but after a few seconds it will appear with a little hint that sliding up will lock the microphone on.

Anyone who's used WhatsApp's voice recording knows that it can be a little annoying: you tap the microphone and have to keep it tapped while you're talking then release it to send the message or slide to the left to cancel it.

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