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Xbox One owners can now control their consoles with Google Assistant

We've known since June that Microsoft was working on integrating Alexa and Google Assistant with Xbox in lieu of its own voice assistant, Cortana. With Alexa support already up and running on Xbox One, it's now time for Google Assistant to get in on the action.

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Ecobee’s new SmartThermostat features modest redesign and improved voice recognition for $250

The Ecobee4 has been our go-to smart thermostat here at Android Police for quite a while. Its connectivity with various smart home protocols and integrated Alexa voice controls round off the device's temperature regulation capabilities, making it one of the best smart thermostats around. Today, Ecobee has announced the successor to its successful two-year-old product, and true to the proverb "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," not much has changed. The thermostat comes with a modest redesign, the same Alexa integration, improved processing power, and better sound.

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You can now control your Roku from Google Assistant

Roku's Google Assistant integration was promised a few weeks ago along with Logitech Harmony and NVIDIA SHIELD. And while those two have already been announced, the Roku integration is now following suit.

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Chris is a hands-free digital assistant for drivers, with voice and gesture controls

IFA 2018 may be over, but there are still some interesting tidbits of news worth mentioning. One of the stands we visited briefly in Berlin last week was that of German Autolabs to see an interesting new product. It may resemble a Nest Thermostat, but Chris is actually a digital assistant for your car.

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Amazon Alexa can now send SMS from your Android phone

As the battle of the smart personal assistants continues to simmer, Amazon has just fired another shot, adding support for SMS messages to Alexa's feature list. You can now command your Amazon Echo device to send a text message to one of your contacts, provided you have an Android phone.

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Amazon wants to bring Alexa to more mobile accessories with new dev tools

You can already get Alexa in phones, speakers, and a few accessories. Amazon wants more, though. The handful of Alexa-powered accessories on the market were developed with standalone smart features, but that's tough to do. Now, Amazon is looking to strengthen Alexa's position by making it easier to get the virtual assistant integrated with accessories like headphones, smartwatches, and more. These devices will, however, require a phone connection.

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[Update: Assistant coming in 2018] Sonos announces the Sonos One, a $199 Alexa-equipped speaker

You might have lost track with all the Google happenings, but Sonos had a little event in NYC today. It announced something we've heard rumored a few times—an Alexa-equipped speaker. The Sonos One goes on sale in a few weeks, and it's priced at $199. That's not bad for a Sonos speaker.

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Alexa voice controls are now available in the Amazon Music app


You can already ask Alexa to play you the latest Ed Sheeran hit on various music platforms, either through the Alexa app on your phone or via an Amazon Echo device. Starting today, you'll also be able to call on Alexa to control your music playback from directly within the Amazon Music app.

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Astro's voice assistant is dedicated to managing your emails

The Astro email app launched earlier in the year with the promise of helping you to clean up your inbox using AI. It's available for Office 365 and Gmail accounts and had garnered praise from users of both services. There's an integration that lets you manage your emails from Slack, and since June it's been possible to manage your emails with Astrobot Voice via an Alexa Skill on Amazon's Echo speaker. That same voice assistant functionality is now available directly from the app.

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Walmart integration will offer easy voice shopping through Google Assistant

As the Google Assistant matures, it's gaining more and more abilities to help make our lives easier, but if there's one area it lags behind Amazon's Echo, it's shopping. That's unsurprising since it's Amazon's bread and butter as a company. A new partnership has just been announced that aims to help Google play catch up in this area. The company is joining forces with Walmart to offer quick and easy voice shopping through Google Express, which is also putting an end to membership fees.

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