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Google Assistant’s Find My Device command finally helps you locate more than 2 phones

Google's Find My Device service is invaluable when you lose your phone while you're out and about, but it's also great if your handset disappears in the vast void that is your couch, bed, or hallway. Just hit up Google Assistant on one of your smart home speakers or displays and ask it to "Find my device." However, for people who juggle more than two phones at once (like us here at Android Police), this can quickly turn into a frustrating experience, as Google would only help you find the two most recently used phones. That has changed — the Assistant will now give you a selection of up to nine phones at a time.

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'OK Google, open Assistant settings' could be the simplest way to get to Assistant settings

The Google Assistant is incredibly powerful once you start diving deeper into all of the custom voice commands and routines you can build for it. Unfortunately, these options live in the Assistant settings, which is rather hidden and hard to access — you need to invoke the Assistant, swipe up, wait for your profile picture to show up in the top right corner, and tap it to head there. Google seems to recognize this and has highlighted a neat voice command that gets you there instantly: "OK Google, open Assistant settings."

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YouTube on Android now acts as a voice remote for the TV apps

Earlier this week, YouTube introduced several new features to its app with the hopes of making it more accessible and easier to use. The most noteworthy addition was that viewers can now use voice search when casting the YouTube app to their smart TV.

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[Update: Official] Google accessibility tool Voice Access exits beta, improves Google Assistant integration

Though the smartphone market is relatively mature (some might even say stagnant), there's been a notable lack of progress on accessibility. The simple fact is that not everyone can easily manipulate a smartphone or tablet's touchscreen, and there aren't a lot of cheap or free ways to make it easier. That's no doubt why, even in a low-profile beta, Google's voice command navigation app Voice Access climbed to more than a million downloads on the Play Store over the past two years.

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You can now ask Google Home to play news videos on your TV

The Google Home doesn't have a display of its own, but it's becoming very good at controlling other screens around your house. You can start playback of content from Google Photos, YouTube, and others with a simple voice command, turning the Home into a voice-controlled TV remote. Google has now added the ability to easily watch news videos on your TV using Assistant commands.

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"Hey Google" hotword now works for some on phones too [Update]

You know how you can say both "OK Google" and "Hey Google" to Google Home and it will respond to the two hotwords without any discrimination? The same isn't true of Assistant on your Android phone: it only answers to "OK Google." Wait, scratch that, it wasn't true as the command is now working on phones too.

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You can now turn on and off your Chromecast-connected TV with a Google Home command

It's the little things you guys. Sometimes, you're sitting in the living room and you just want to turn on your TV without reaching for that remote. Sure, you can ask Home to play something on your Chromecast, which will automatically turn the TV on, but then it'll start playing something while maybe you just wanted to see those pretty backdrops. And forget about turning the TV off, that just didn't work.

Until yesterday that is. Google published a new support document that explains that you can now turn on and off the TV with Google Home. You'll need to have a Chromecast connected to your TV and for the TV to support HDMI-CEC with CEC turned on (basically this is what allows the TV to turn on automatically through an HDMI command).

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"OK Google, what's this song?" is finally coming to Google Assistant

We don't distribute "finally" in titles gratuitously. In order for a piece of news to earn its "finally," it has to be a popular request and one that's been long in the making and, more often than not, it has to be so logical that its absence baffled us. But today, we have a much-earned "finally" for song search on Assistant.

One of the most beloved features of Google Search has long been asking it what's playing to identify songs around you. It works like Shazam or SoundHound, but without requiring a third-party app. When Google introduced Assistant, everyone was disappointed to see what the command didn't work.

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Assistant voice command lets you take a screenshot and instantly gets it ready for sharing

Assistant's history with screenshots is long and fraught with complications. First, Now on Tap added a screenshot option, then it was removed and re-added when it was renamed to Screen Search, and when the Assistant came, the screenshot option was nowhere to be found but it was added again through Assistant's What's on my screen feature. But it looks like Google has made it even easier to take a screenshot and it no longer requires special know-how.

Simply say or type, "take a screenshot," in Google Assistant, and the nice lady will reply with, "OK, taking a screenshot, touch to continue."

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OK Google voice command is broken on Android Auto, but a fix is coming soon

The "OK Google" voice command first came to fruition on the Nexus 5, but it's since made its way across the Google product portfolio. It's especially useful on Android Auto, where it enables drivers to interact with their head units without getting too distracted. Unfortunately, it's currently broken and requires a workaround.

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