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[Update: Emoji button] Google Messages tests convenient microphone button for voice messages

With Allo shuttered, Google has decided to focus its messaging efforts on Messages and RCS (for the time being, at least). Since Google Messages was originally meant as a simple SMS app, the company has had to do a fair bit of work to make it a true competitor against established players like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. To reach feature parity with them, Messages is testing the addition of an instantly accessible microphone button to help you communicate via voice more easily.

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Fortnite mobile beta v5.40 patch adds voice chat for Android

The Fortnite mobile beta is still limited to Samsung users and those that have received beta invitations. Since development on the title is a constant, it's no surprise to see a new patch rolling out today. The big news is that this patch brings with it voice chat for Android. You can also expect to find a new capture-the-flag mode called Getaway that will only be available for a limited time.

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Google Launches A Dedicated Hangouts Website, Another Way To Access Hangouts From A Browser

Between the Chrome extension, the Chrome app, Gmail, Inbox, and Google+, there are plenty of ways you can sign in to Hangouts while you're at a computer. But maybe you need one more. Today Google has launched You're welcome.

Hangouts' dedicated website provides a single obvious way to access your contacts list and start chatting, as the URL is one you could probably guess. The site lets you open up multiple conversations at once just as you've been doing in Gmail since the dawn of time. You can also start group conversations, place a voice call, or fire up the webcam.

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Gamer-Focused Chat App Curse Launches On Android... Without Voice Calling

Online gamers know the value of communication, believe it or not. For every twelve-year-old cursing into his mic like a sailor with a stubbed toe, a dozen are connected to third-party communication apps and coordinating efforts behind the scenes. That's actually a bit tricky for PC games - you either need some kind of overlay or you have to switch programs to manage your connection. Curse, a service with more than a million registered users, hopes to fix that.

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Curse is a mobile app that lets you communicate with your fellow players without having to break the flow of the game on your computer screen.

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TeamSpeak Comes To Android, Lets You Voice Chat From Anywhere

TeamSpeak, the popular voice chat client used by everyone from online gamers to small businesses, has now landed in the Android Market. With the TeamSpeak app, you can connect to your preferred server and chat it up with your guild, clan, family, or coworkers while on-the-go, just as if you were sitting in front of your computer.

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  • Local bookmarks
  • Multi-server connectivity
  • Push-To-Talk (PTT) and voice activation
  • Identity management
  • Channel and player information
  • Player status notifications

It's worth mentioning that this app will only work with TeamSpeak 3, and is not compatible with TeamSpeak 2.

The app is free while it's in beta, so grab it and give it a go.

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