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VLC Beta updated with support for Android O's picture-in-picture video [APK Download]

Android 8.0 is shaping up to be a cool update with features like notification dots, autofill apps, and of course, picture-in-picture video. There haven't been many apps that properly support Android O's PiP mode, but now you can count VLC among them. Well, as long as you've got the new beta app.

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Major security vulnerability found in VLC, Kodi, and other media players, Kodi for Android already patched

What's worse than a security vulnerability in a widely-used program? A security vulnerability in several widely-used programs. Researchers from Check Point Software Technologies have uncovered a flaw in a handful of media players (including VLC, Kodi, Stremio, and PopcornTime) that allows hackers to run executable code through subtitle files.

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VLC beta version 2.1 adds Android Auto compatibility and PIP support for Android TV, plus big interface and engine tweaks

VLC, the desktop favorite of local video enthusiasts for more than a decade, doesn’t have quite the same kind of universal acclaim on Android. But the developers are still hard at work making improvements. According to a blog post from Geoffrey Metais, the 2.1.0 update to the beta release adds a ton of new features, notably including compatibility with Android Auto (for audio, not video).

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[Update: Wide Release] VLC v2.0 Is Rolling Out With Network Browsing, Merged Android TV Version, And More

VLC is one of those apps that takes beta testing seriously. The developers have been testing a big revision (1.9.x) for ages, and now it's finally rolling out on Android as v2.0. This update finally embraces the LAN part of VideoLAN Client with proper network browsing, and that's only the start.

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VLC 2.0 Beta Adds Local Network Browsing And Lets You Use The Android TV Interface On Any Device

If you've ever tried playing an odd video format on your phone, chances are you've used one of a couple of well known video players like MX or VLC. After a slow start, the latter has been receiving rather frequent updates and improvements that keep pushing it forward. VLC also has an active beta program (of which you can be a part by joining this Google+ community and then becoming a tester on the Play Store) and its latest release is version 1.9.0 which is actually a beta for version 2.0.0. Let's pretend that's not unnecessarily convoluted and move on.

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VLC 1.6 For Android Comes With Fewer Permissions, Speed Improvements, And More

VLC remains perhaps the best way to play video files of any shape or format on a desktop, and the story is similar on mobile devices. With version 1.6, the developers have pushed out some changes to smooth out your video playing experience.

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VLC For Android Beta 1.5 Gets Fewer Permissions, More Material, Video Playlists, And Some Other Features


VLC For Android has been steadily improving over the past months, but today's beta update is a big step forward to the app that even the developers acknowledge as a "major release."

VLC went through a hardcore bootcamp between versions 1.3.2 and 1.5.0, emerging with enhancements all across the board. Internally, the app's code has been rewritten to be faster and to require fewer permissions especially on KitKat devices and above. Externally, the app's design has been given a small facelift to better fit Material's clean and elegant look. And functionally, VLC can now handle video playlists, auto-detect external USB devices, switch between audio and video, and more.

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VLC For Android Gets Background Video Playback And A Few Visual Changes In Version 1.3.2


VLC For Android 1.2 Adds Audio Playlists And Better Android TV Support, Plus A Few Bug Fixes

The popular Video LAN Client may finally have a stable release for Android, but that doesn't mean it can't be improved. The 1.2 update adds support for audio playlists, which was apparently missing from the previous releases. Unfortunately due to the limitations of M3U files (the default playlist type for the desktop version of VLC) it's tricky to simply copy your playlists from your computer to your phone. You'll probably need to set them up manually in the app, as below.

Screenshot_2015-03-28-11-44-45 Screenshot_2015-03-28-11-45-15

Other changes include natural additions like video cover art, sorting videos or songs by modification date, the ability to exclude Android storage folders from VLC's display, a quick button for playing the last video action, and a "double lock" for video files.

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VLC For Android Gets Official Play Store Beta Test Group On Google+, Goes Through Material-Inspired Makeover

Following VLC on Android over the last couple of months has felt a little bit like a shell game. It all started in December when VideoLAN declared VLC was finally leaving behind its Beta status. The app retained the same package name, org.videolan.vlc.betav7neon, but was to be considered stable. Earlier this month, a brand new version 1.0 VLC app appeared in the Play Store with a package name and title devoid of the word 'beta.' This new app was to become the channel for stable releases, while the original listing was again repurposed for beta releases. This only lasted a few days before the new version vanished from the Play Store on devices and ceased to be installable from the web, at least for many of us.

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