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Google Pay drops support for Visa Checkout ahead of planned shutdown in 2020

Back in 2017, when Google Pay was still called Android Pay, it integrated with PayPal competitor Visa Checkout. This allowed you to use data from Google's payment service anywhere Visa Checkout was supported. Last week, Visa announced that it's shutting down the service in 2020 and Google is removing support for it.

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Visa Checkout integration in Android Pay is now live, one year after it was announced

This time last year, Google confirmed that it was working to add support for Visa Checkout and Masterpass to Android Pay. The aim was to have the services integrated in early 2017, but we've not heard much about it since. There was evidence of Visa Checkout on Google's payment platform in a demo at I/O in May, but it remained to be seen when it would go live for users.

While the Android website shows that PayPal is already supported, it still has a 'Coming Soon' note by Visa Checkout, although we believe that was added recently and as a precursor to today's news.

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Thanks to a new partnership, Samsung Pay users will be able to shop online wherever Visa Checkout is accepted

Out of the different mobile payment solutions, Samsung Pay is probably my favorite — granted, my experience with Apple Pay has been limited thus far. Not only is there no bootloader restriction, but the support for old-fashioned magnetic terminals is a huge plus. But what about online shopping? Sammy has its customer base covered with the newly announced partnership with Visa, which will allow Samsung Pay users to shop at any virtual merchant who accepts Visa Checkout.

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Best Buy brings back the Visa Checkout deal, get $25 off $100 or more plus free shipping

As many of you will recall, around Black Friday/Christmas last year, Best Buy ran a really sweet deal for Visa Checkout users. On any purchase of $100 or more, you would get $25 off. That is now back and with the same conditions.

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[Deal Alert] Get $10 of free Starbucks credit when you add $10 to the app via Visa Checkout [Updated]

Dear Starbucks: thank you for existing. Not for your overpriced smoothie-coffee or your approachable yuppie atmosphere. No, thank you for being a Wi-Fi-soaked escape from my rural family's home during the holidays - T-Mobile service is still crappy out there. And while I'm extending some holiday thanks, I might as well give a shout-out to Visa, which is giving Starbucks customers $10 of free credit via the Starbucks app. That's approximately 2.5 Frappuccinos.

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[Deal Alert] Get An Asus ZenWatch For $124 On Newegg After Coupon Code, Visa Checkout, And Mail-In Rebate

The Asus ZenWatch never had a moment where it was wildly hailed as the most luxurious Android Wear watch, but it was still a relatively stylish device. Was it worth $200? That depends on who's answering. But for those who said no, here's a way to make the smartwatch more compelling—but you're going to have to jump through some hoops.

First, head to Newegg. There you will see the ZenWatch reduced down to $150 (the same price offered at Amazon). Add it to your cart and enter the coupon code VCO2015BTS. It will save you $10, but only if you complete your purchase using Visa Checkout.

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