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Hands On With The LG 360 VR Headset

It seems like everyone wants to grab a slice of the virtual reality action, and LG is not one to get left behind. One of the accessories (or "friends," as LG calls them) that are pairable with the new G5 is the LG 360 VR — LG's own take on a VR headset.

The LG 360 VR is somewhat more akin to a standalone headset like the Oculus Rift than it is to Google Cardboard or the Gear VR, which are little more than glorified goggles for holding your phone in front of your face. Like the Rift, the LG 360 VR has two screens that present a separate image to each eye.

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The New Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4 And 4S Are Packaged Inside A VR Headset

MWC 2016 is set to begin in just two days, and Alcatel has now officially unveiled its two new flagships: the OneTouch Idol 4 and the OneTouch Idol 4S. Both phones show off the best Alcatel has to offer — with their premium build and latest generation specs — but one of the more unexpected features of the new OneTouch Idols may actually be the packaging of the phones. This might not be entirely new to most of our readers, but the box in which both the Idol 4 and Idol 4S come in doubles as a virtual reality headset.


During our hands-on time with both phones, we also had the chance to play around with the VR viewer: it's a lot like Google Cardboard but, well, without the cardboard part.

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2VR Kickstarter Project Promises To Make A VR Headset Out Of Hipster Glasses And Hooks

Some people consider virtual reality exciting. Full disclosure: I'm not one of those people. The idea of shoving a screen inches from my face and combining that with sensory deprivation sounds closer to punishment than fun.

The 2VR Kickstarter project addresses one of those issues. In doing so, it doesn't turn VR into something you can experience without having to block out the rest of the world. Instead, it shows off a compromised experience that is neither immersive enough for VR nor transparent enough to use in public.

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Samsung Rumored To Announce 'Gear 360' VR Camera Alongside The Galaxy S7

Virtual reality is the hot new-ish thing these days, but making your own fully immersive 360-degree content is far from a simple experience. Samsung might be getting ready to release a companion to the Gear VR called the Gear 360. According to SamMobile, it's a 360-degree camera that records video using two 180-degree fisheye lenses.

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Goosebumps VR App Takes A Scary Drive Through The Play Store Wearing Google Cardboard

In horror movies, things leap out at you. The same is true with scary books. Take Goosebumps. A 90s kid could not walk through a library, book store, yard sale, or a box of hand-me-downs with at least one novel in the series jumping out at them. And like a horde of zombies, those books knew there was strength in numbers. It doesn't matter how many R.L. Stine actually created, that number is half as much as what it felt like he did.

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Samsung Gear VR Is Available For Pre-Order In The US, Will Ship On November 20

Samsung announced its new $99 Gear VR portable virtual reality viewer back in September and is now ready to start shipping it to consumers. Pre-orders are open in the United States on Amazon, Best Buy, and Samsung's sites, with orders ready to ship on November 20. Units will also be available for sale in Best Buy's retail locations. A week later on November 27, T-Mobile will also offer the Gear VR for sale online and in its stores, and AT&T is supposed to join the list but no specific date has been set yet.

The new Gear VR is lighter and more comfortable to wear compared to the previous Innovator Edition.

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Just Cause 3: Wingsuit Tour Lets You Ride Along With Rico In Virtual Reality

According to my Steam statistics, I've played approximately 162 hours of Just Cause 2, a significant portion of which was spent grappling members of the Panauan armed forces to lit fuel containers to make them zoom away like man-sized Roman candles. Avalanche Studios' open-world magnum opus seems to nail what larger franchises like Grand Theft Auto forgot years ago: the most fun you can get from a sandbox game is in blowing large parts of said sandbox to smithereens.

So it's no wonder that the sequel, Just Cause 3, is making waves months before its release. In addition to the standard shooting/driving setup and the unique parachute/grapple hook mechanic of the previous game, the third entry will give players infinite batches of C4 explosives and a wingsuit for even more ways to traverse the massive game world.

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Samsung And Oculus Unveil New $99 Gear VR With Support For All 2015 Samsung Flagships

Samsung has been working with Oculus for a few years, but the pair just reached a new milestone in their collaboration. There's a new Gear VR coming, and it's the first "consumer-ready" version of the hardware. It'll work with all 2015 flagship Samsung phones. Oh, and it's going to sell for a much more reasonable $99.


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YouTube v10.32 Tweaks Some Interface Elements And Includes Hints About Virtual Reality Content And Variable Speed Playback [APK Teardown + Download]

Forget Update Wednesday! Monday is the new big day. Not only were we treated to the latest M preview release and the official Marshmallow name, but a stream of app updates came rushing out after the sun had set on Mountain View. For many of these apps, little changed aside from a few tweaks and touch-ups to support the next major version of Android. Still, there were improvements to be seen on a couple of updates. YouTube received a couple of mostly unimportant modifications to the interface, but it also contains clues about some things we may see in the future.

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[Deal Alert] Get A Free Google Cardboard VR Viewer Courtesy Of Conan O'Brien And AT&T (US Only)

If you were to look back through all the articles that I have written since Artem begged me to start writing for Android Police (actually, it may have been the other way around) you would notice that almost half of them are deal alerts. The reason why, is that I genuinely love a good bargain. Getting new gadgets is great, but getting new gadgets at a discount is awesome! The deal I'm sharing with you today is the best kind of discount. 100% free. Now that's a good deal!

Conan O'Brien, the red headed late night comedian, along with sponsor AT&T, have generously offered to give away an unspecified number of free Google Cardboard VR headsets to celebrate the return of the Conan 360 segment this July.

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