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Nvidia is testing a Shield TV app with virtual remote, mousepad, and keyboard [APK Download]

Probably the only Android TV box worth consistent attention is the Nvidia Shield TV, which does just about everything the right way. It comes with a handy physical remote, but still, some users have called for a mobile app. Nvidia is finally giving them what they want.

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Chrome OS Canary will default to floating virtual keyboard

Over on Google+, "Chromium evangelist" François Beaufort announced that Chrome OS, starting with Canary builds, will default to a floating virtual keyboard. This means that typing onscreen will, theoretically, be easier going forward as Google's desktop OS continues to expand its scope.

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Samsung Internet browser will get 'Smart Go Next' for better form navigation, also coming to Chrome

If you have an Android phone made by Samsung, there's a good chance you use the company's own web browser. Unlike many bundled browsers, Samsung Internet is built using the Chromium open source project, so it's pretty close in functionality to Google's Chrome, but better integrated with Samsung's wider ecosystem of apps. The developers of Samsung's browser are pretty quick to add new features, and the latest of these is a feature to help when filling out a form.

'Smart Go Next' is a relatively simple change, but one that could be very useful and save a lot of frustration.

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Lenovo's Smart Cast Takes The Wildest Laser Projector Phone Concept You've Seen And Makes It Seem Slightly Less Crazy

A couple of years ago, I couldn't talk to anyone about smartphones for two minutes without them shouting in ecstatic delirium, "Have you seen the new iPhone 5?" Of course, they were talking about this concept video, which everyone in their right mind knew was a "concept" for no less obvious reason than the fact that it was titled as such and created by an animation studio. Except hundreds of people around me still believed it was the real deal. Before I digress any further into the naiveté of common mortals when it comes to technology, I'll remind you of the one feature in that video everyone thought was super cool and that has made it onto countless other concept videos for various companies and products: the projected keyboard.

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Fleksy Keyboard Gets Its First OEM Partnership, Will Be Available On The Samsung Gear S

Update: A Fleksy representative contacted us to say that the keyboard will be available as a free download to all Gear S owners, but will not be pre-installed. The title of this post has been changed to reflect this.


The Gear S is an interesting device, not so much for its hardware as for its approach: Samsung decided to equip the smartwatch with a stand-alone wireless connection so it can work just fine on its own, thank you. Of course, that also means that for at least some of the time you'll need to operate it like a smartphone strapped to your wrist...

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Fleksy Releases Messenger Keyboard For The Gear 2, So You Can Type Your SMS On Your Tiny Screen On Your Tiny Wrist With Your Tiny Hands

Come on, you can't be serious. This has to be a joke, right? No? Fleksy is actually making a tiny software keyboard for the Gear 2? Okay then.

Fleksy claims that its Messenger keyboard is the first one to be featured on the Gear 2, and we're not going to argue. Touching on the inevitable difficulty of typing on a screen 1.6 inches across, the press release says that "Fleksy’s sleek design and unparalleled prediction engine makes it virtually effortless." If you say so. At present the virtual keyboard is only for replying to text messages... not that there's much else you would want to type out like that.

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