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Huawei's new virtual assistant will 'provide emotional interactions'

Despite Google Assistant now being available on most Android devices, many OEMs have been looking to build their own virtual helpers. Samsung has Bixby, LG has ThinQ, and now Huawei has... something. The company already has an assistant on its Chinese devices, but now it's working on a new one that will 'provide emotional interactions.'

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Amazon wants to bring Alexa to more mobile accessories with new dev tools

You can already get Alexa in phones, speakers, and a few accessories. Amazon wants more, though. The handful of Alexa-powered accessories on the market were developed with standalone smart features, but that's tough to do. Now, Amazon is looking to strengthen Alexa's position by making it easier to get the virtual assistant integrated with accessories like headphones, smartwatches, and more. These devices will, however, require a phone connection.

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Facebook Unveils M, A Virtual Assistant Inside Messenger That's Partly People Powered

Facebook is getting in on the digital assistant game currently occupied by the likes of Google Now, Apple's Siri, and Microsoft's Cortana. But the social network is taking a different approach with M, the name of its virtual pal. This little helper waits around inside Messenger to answer your questions, and in those instances when its algorithms can't come up with a solution, there are real people working behind the scenes who can.

That's right, Facebook says that M's artificial intelligence is trained and supervised by real people. This partially confirms the Moneypenny rumor circulating last month that the company was developing a digital assistant of its own.

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