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Vine's successor Byte is now out on the Play Store

Vine was the internet phenomenon that proved that short, easily digestible video clips could be tremendously popular and spark creativity. However, the rigid six-second format had soon been adopted and loosened up by Instagram and later TikTok, and after Twitter purchased Vine, it vanished into obscurity. An unceremonious death followed in 2016. But Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann still believes in the format and has been working on a successor for a long time. After an extensive beta phase, this new product, Byte, is now official and stable on the Play Store.

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Byte is the new video looping app from the founder of Vine

As you may remember, Vine was a simple app with short looping videos. It gained immense popularity and was acquired by Twitter in 2013 but was unceremoniously discontinued late in 2016 amid strong competition from Snapchat and Instagram. If you're still mourning its loss, you'll be pleased to hear that the Vine founder is making another app.

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Vine is now Vine Camera, can upload looping six-second videos to Twitter

Twitter ruffled some feathers when they announced that Vine would be discontinued, likely due to Twitter's native support for video and the lack of a revenue stream from Vine. At the same time, they announced that the Vine mobile app would be re-branded into 'Vine Camera,' which went live today.

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Twitter is discontinuing Vine, but existing videos will live on for now

Twitter launched the Vine video sharing app in 2013, and it was a moderate success. Other apps added similar quick video features, but Vine never seemed like a high priority for Twitter. The company announced today that it's discontinuing the Vine app in the coming months, but it's not deleting your Vines... at least not yet.

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Twitter and Vine video limits expand to 140 seconds

Twitter isn't just a place for spitting out sharp criticism and inane musings. Okay it is, but those expressions aren't limited to text. The social network allows for up to 30 seconds of video.

That limit is changing. Twitter is bumping up the max length of a video up from half a minute to 140 seconds.

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Vine Update Lets You Watch An Entire Channel With One Tap

I am no Vine watcher, but I've heard that there's a lot of cool content on the social network especially if you figure out which users are the most interesting to follow. Lots of creative people have found their niche within the constraints of its short video format and that's what everyone who's sticking around likes about it.

Now Vine is getting updated on Android to allow you, the spectator, to watch an entire channel from start to finish with a single button instead of manually moving from one video to the next. The option is visible in the latest version of the app when you open a channel: there's a new Watch button next to the Follow one.

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Vine Places A Greater Emphasis On Music With New 'Snap To Beat' Perfect Audio Loops, Featured Songs, And More

Music and social media go together like teenagers and places their parents don't know about. Music became such a big part of MySpace, it inspired the likes of SoundCloud. Music videos regularly rack up the most views on YouTube. Chances are, your favorite artists have a Twitter account.

Musicians have used Vine as another way to get themselves noticed and share their music with a new generation. Now Vine intends to help them out. Today it's launching Snap to Beat, an easier way to toss together seamless perfect loops.

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Redub, From The Developer Of Repix, Lets You Remix Videos And Dub In Your Voice

Video editing on mobile is still far from perfect - the complexity of the task and the limitations of a small touchscreen mean that getting anything done with precision is tricky. Apps with bite-sized editing like Vine are a good starting point, but we could use something to occupy the middle ground. Enter Redub, a video editing tool from developer Sumoing. It aims to bring a few much-needed tools (and an easy interface) to mobile video editing.

image (1) image (3) image (2)

Sumoing first caught our attention with Repix, a better and more effective take on the Instagram formula. Redub takes the same approach to video: keep the simplicity of more limited apps...

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Vine Gets Higher-Quality 720p Video Capability, Coming To Android "Soon"

Vine is... OK, let's be clear here: Vine is kind of useless. There's literally nothing you can do with Vine that you can't already do with YouTube, unless you count an arbitrary 6.5-second time limit. That being said, there's no reason that Twitter can't improve its property, and it has done just that by boosting the video quality. Newly-created Vines from iOS are now defaulting to 720x720 pixels. Look down there: you can see all the retriever's little golden hairs.

While you can check out the fancy new high-quality Vines on the announcement post, for some reason the developers decided that Android users didn't need the update quite as much as iPhone users did.

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Vine Version 2.5 Introduces A Number Of New Camera Tools And Video Editing Options

Vine, the video equivalent of Twitter, has received an app update that brings in a number of tools that should make getting content onto the site a better experience. The update drops a new icon at the bottom left that lets users pull up videos from their gallery (referred to annoyingly in the app as a camera roll), preview videos of any length, and trim footage down into a 6-second version that probably doesn't do the original any justice (ahem, I mean, make them Vine-ready).

Vine1 Vine2

In addition to the aforementioned features, users can mix videos together and perform more actions on their clips.

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