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Vimeo app gets live streaming and recording support in latest update

The Vimeo app has been around since 2012, but it has always been aimed mainly at watching video rather than creating it. That changes with the latest update, which finally adds recording and live streaming inside the app. Just fire up the integrated video camera, and you're all set.

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22 states and DC issue new brief seeking to reverse FCC's net neutrality order

The dream of an open and free internet isn't dead. Net neutrality — the principle that internet service providers must treat traffic equally, regardless of the source — is still seeing a strong fight waged on its behalf. This week, a group of 23 attorneys general from across the U.S., led by New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood, published a new brief reaffirming its dedication to the cause.

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Check out this cool video teaser showcasing Google's modern use of Material Design

Material Design isn't some immutable standard. It's a flowing, breathing, evolving design. As our own former editor Liam (now a Googler) pointed out today, the current expressions we've seen of Google Material are just one potential way to implement the changing design philosophy. So if you're eager to check the possible futures for Google's Material designs, you should probably watch this video.

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Instant Apps now rolled out to 500 million Android devices

Instant Apps were first announced over a year ago at Google I/O 2016. Put simply, when tapping on search results from a supported site, a minimal version of the site's app would quickly install and immediately display the content. For example, tapping on a Vimeo link would open the Vimeo app and the video would start playing.

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Latest Telegram update brings IFTTT, conversation pinning, updated photo editor, and more

Users of Telegram, there's a great update to the app available. This new version brings a few big changes, including some Android-specific ones. The most notable ones for the messaging service as a whole are IFTTT integration and conversation pinning. Sounds cool, right?

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Vimeo 2.2. Introduces Offline Video Caching And Playback

Sometimes app developers surprise us with a big push of new versions and features after leaving us in the cold for the longest time. The Vimeo team, for example, had an ugly mess of an app for years until an update to version 2.0 last December completely rewrote it from scratch and made it several folds better. That was followed by the addition of Chromecast support in version 2.1 in February, and now another update to 2.2 is introducing offline videos.

When you start watching any video inside the Vimeo app, you'll see a new download icon in the overlay on top, which slowly breathes a blue hue to attract your eyes.

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Chromecast Support Finally Comes To The Vimeo App In Version 2.1

When Vimeo got its much needed interface revamp update at the end of last year, plenty of things got better in the app. It was faster, smoother, less of an offense to good design, and generally really better. However, it was missing an important feature for any Android video streaming app: Chromecast support.

At the time, we were told that we'd have to wait until Q1 2016 for Chromecast support to be built into the app, and lo-and-behold, the team is honoring its original timeline. Version 2.1 of Vimeo is live in the Play Store and it enables you to cast all videos to your big TV screen instead of watching them on your small phone's display.

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Vimeo Finally Updates Its Busted Old App To v2.0, But No Casting Support Until Q1 2016

The Vimeo app is one of those famously bad apps that actually make a mediocre mobile website look good by comparison. After years of being behind the curve, Vimeo is finally stepping up its app game with a v2.0 update. There's a lot of good stuff here, but you'll have to wait a bit for all the pieces to be in place.


Android TV's App Selection Will Expand Soon With HBO Go, Twitch, FX Now, VUDU, WWE, And More

Even with a major infusion of horsepower with devices like the NVIDIA SHIELD and Razer Forge TV, the biggest thing holding back the Android TV platform is a scarcity of apps compared to more mature alternatives like Roku. It looks like Google is quickly trying to close the gap: in addition to the announcement of HBO Now (currently exclusive to Apple hardware) at Google I/O, a handful of high-profile and formerly unavailable apps are also making their way to Android TV in the near future.


NVIDIA's SHIELD announcement post makes explicit mention of HBO Go (which is essentially the same thing as HBO Now, but for more conventional cable subscribers), FX Now, Fox Now, Fox News, EPIX, WWE, UFC, Vimeo, Qello, Vudu, and Twitch.

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Vimeo Releases Android App, Users Complain Of Timestamp Errors

Popular video sharing service Vimeo has finally launched its official Android app today. The new app has included all the important features found in the web version, including the ability to browse, watch, download, and upload videos onto Vimeo.

Upon starting the app, the user is shown a 3x3 grid of options for creating, uploading, watching, and sharing videos. While not a requirement, creating a Vimeo account and logging into the service also allows the user to comment on, "like", and subscribe to videos, as well as save them to the "Watch Later" list.

vimeo1 vimeo2 vimeo3

vimeo4 vimeo6 vimeo7

Some of the other features of the app include:

  • Upload raw footage or previously edited creations in HD or SD
  • Pause/resume uploads and get reminded when a video is paused
  • Replace existing videos
  • Edit titles, descriptions, tags, privacy settings, and credits
  • Share videos via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Email, and SMS
  • Watch and manage all Vimeo videos and download them to camera roll
  • Watch videos from your Vimeo Inbox, Watch Later queue, and videos you like"
  • Easily like videos, comment on videos, and add videos to your Watch Later queue
  • Discover new and interesting videos curated by Vimeo Staff
  • Add videos to Groups, Channels, and Albums
  • Access stats on daily plays, likes, and comments

Although the app has received some favourable reviews, the overwhelming majority are 1-star.

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