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Adobe Photoshop Express adds automatic perspective correction, vignette effects, and more

Adobe Photoshop Express has added a handful of useful new features. In an update this week, the mobile photo editor got the ability to automatically adjust the perspective of wonky photos with a single tap, as well as a vignette slider and a couple of quality-of-life improvements.

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[Updated] Google Probably Prepping 'End Of Summer Sale' As Max Payne, Crystal Defenders, SwiftKey 3 And Others Offer Big Discounts

Today's a good day for mobile gamers to open up their wallets. Max Payne, which David rated as having the highest possible nostalgia-to-dollars ratio, is 67% off today in the Play Store, clocking in at $0.99. Not bad. Looking for a better deal? How about Crystal Defenders? Developed by Square Enix (you know, the Final Fantasy guys), the game is normally $7.25, but for right now it's only $1.26, for a massive 83% off. Given the quality of Square Enix games, this is a fantastic deal.

Of course, Google is probably behind this, as each of these games include a reference to an 'End of Summer Sale' in their descriptions at this time.

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