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Engadget Previews Viewsonic 10" Tablet - Dual-Boots Win7 & Android 1.6

Last week, we found out that Viewsonic would be rebranding and selling a 7" and 10" tablet; the 7" tablet would be Android while the 10" would dual-boot Android and Win7. Now Engadget has a hands-on preview of the 10" with additional details, and suffice it to say there are some ups and downs.

Bad news first, though: the tablet runs Android 1.6. The reason for this lies in the CPU used, but that doesn't make shipping a tablet with an OS that's over a year old suck any less.

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Viewsonic Android Tablet Images Spotted, May Just Be A Rip-Off

A few weeks back, Viewsonic announced they'd be bringing a few Android tablets, to IFA (Android tablets at a trade show? Shocking, I know). Specifically, they'll be showing off two tablets - one is 7" and rocks Android, and the other is 10" and dual boots Android and Windows. They'll both be released under the ViewPad name, and they're slated (get it?) to feature:

  • 3G
  • Wi-Fi (I'd guess 802.11n)
  • GPS
  • microSD Card slot
  • Bluetooth
  • USB port


According to Viewsonic, the 10" tablet will be based on a new Intel chipset.

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