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Instagram Will Soon Display View Counts In Place Of Likes Underneath Videos

Instagram is a social network built around sharing photos. In 2015, the service introduced the ability to share video clips. Now it's about to implement another way of determining how popular those videos are becoming.

Right now, the only feedback uploaders can go off are the number of likes and comments they receive. Soon, Instagram will introduce view counts.

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Google Maps Views Is Officially Dead, And The Migration To Google Maps Has Begun

Google Maps is arguably the best way to get from point A to point B, but it is also one of the best ways to explore places around you. From restaurants, to movie theaters, to state parks, Google Maps has all the information you could ever need. How does Google have information for all of these places? Surely there can't be a couple people sitting in Mountain View documenting every mom and pop shop in the world.

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With New Camera App, Photo Spheres Get Huge Boost To 50 Megapixels

Photo Sphere product manager Evan Rapoport, who also manages Maps, Street View, Views, and Panoramio, had one more tidbit of Google Camera-related news to convey today. In a post to Google+, Rapoport announced that photo spheres had gotten a major boost to 50MP (about 11776x5884 pixels). This is up from around 8MP in the previous app, and the results are beautiful.

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