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[Deal Alert] The Mattel View-Master VR, Which Also Works As A Google Cardboard Headset, Is On Sale For $20 At Amazon And Wal-Mart

I don't think anyone realized just how widespread Google's Cardboard "virtual reality" standard would become when it was first announced. And as neat as some of the games and apps that use Cardboard are, it's hard to escape the fact that the headsets are, well, made of cardboard. If you'd like something more sturdy (without having to buy a new LG phone), you can grab one of Mattel's revitalized View-Master VR toys. The original price was a bit steep at thirty bucks, but today Amazon and Wal-Mart are selling them for $19.97, a little closer to impulse buy range and pretty decent stocking-stuffers to boot.

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Google And Mattel Partner To Bring Back The View-Master As A VR Headset

Google Cardboard seemed like a bit of a joke when it was announced at I/O last year, but as time goes on it becomes increasingly apparent that Cardboard was the legitimate starting point for Google's take on VR. You'll probably recognize the next step—Google is teaming up with Mattel to revive the classic View-Master brand as an Android-powered VR headset. It even has collectible reels.


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