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Street View can now automatically detect and blur faces, group unpublished 360 photos, and soon point out places that should be photographed [APK Download + Teardown]

Google is imbuing the Street View app with some clever new features in its latest update. This version adds automatic face detection for 360 photos for quick blurring, groups together unpublished 360 photos by place or time, and adds a share link to user profiles. Additionally, a teardown shows that there's a new feature on the way that will clue in ambitious users about nearby places that should be photographed.

What's New

Official Changelog:

  • Unpublished 360 photos will now group together based on place or time.
  • Automatically detect faces for blurs in 360 photos.
  • You can now share links to user profiles.
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From Now On, YouTube Videos Won't Get Stuck On '301+' Views For An Indefinite Amount Of Time After Getting Popular

Almost anyone who uses YouTube regularly has seen a video with either 301 or 301+ views, according to the player. Why is this? Well, Google automatically checks videos crossing this threshold of views to see if the visitors are legitimate or just bots designed to pump up the number. From now on, they are tweaking the method to count "real" views in real time and only holding off on adding those that YouTube is unsure about.


Screen capture originally posted at Business Insider.

Stopping at a low-ish number like 301 kept a video with fake views from looking too popular.

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