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Xiaomi just owned itself in the most Xiaomi way imaginable

Xiaomi is a huge smartphone presence in many countries, and it got there, at least in part, by copying Apple. We could dress things up and pretend that wasn't the case, but we've all got eyes. Xiaomi recently unveiled another not so subtle Apple clone with its "Mimoji" AR emoji feature. The company was adamant it wasn't just copying Apple's Memoji... and then it literally stole Apple's Memoji promo video.

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The OnePlus 7 Pro survives testing and gets the JerryRigEverything seal of approval

It's becoming a tradition that new phones land on the JerryRigEverything workbench where they are burnt, scratched, and bent. Most phones survive the process, but some don't. The OnePlus 7 Pro is official, and JerryRigEverything has one to abuse for your amusement. The good news: OnePlus built a solid phone.

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YouTube reportedly ignored the spread of toxic content in the name of engagement

The great thing about YouTube is that it made it easy for absolutely anyone to upload and share video with the world. The terrible thing about YouTube is that it made it easy for absolutely anyone to upload and share video with the world. YouTube is crawling with sketchy content that promotes toxic ideas and conspiracy theories, and it has only started addressing that. A new report from Bloomberg claims that YouTube spent years pretending the problem didn't exist for one reason: clicks.

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[Update: More YouTube changes] YouTube losing advertisers after video reveals recommendation 'wormhole' of pedophiles

YouTube is the world's largest video sharing site, so it's no stranger to drama. Often, the turmoil is thanks to the incredible volume of content uploaded, which makes it infeasible to vet every video. YouTube has been called out in the past for hosting videos that portrayed cartoon characters in inappropriate ways, but the latest episode is somewhat creepier. YouTuber Matt Watson has revealed a bizarre and disturbing "wormhole" of pedophiles on the site.

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Tip: YouTube shows which videos have subtitles when you mute your phone

One of the most useful features of YouTube are the auto-generated subtitles. Say you're watching a video in Spanish and you can barely recognize your "como" from your "cama," the captions can help you put words in perspective and better understand what's being said. However, it's usually difficult to know which video has these subtitles before you start playing and try to turn them on. Today we learned of a neat trick that can help with that issue.

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YouTube is trying to recommend fewer scummy, deceptive videos

YouTube is by far the world's largest video sharing site—people upload hundreds of hours of video to the service every minute. Sifting through all those videos to provide recommendations had proven to be a minefield for the company. It's dealt with clickbait, repeat recommendations, and more. Now, YouTube says it's working on improving recommendations to get rid of content that doesn't technically violate YouTube policies but is still offensive or irresponsible.

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[Update: Teardown] ASUS ROG Phone withstands the JerryRigEverything test

ASUS has joined the ranks of gaming phone makers with the new ROG Phone. It sports high-end specs and a weird cooling bracket, but how does it stand up to wear and tear? The latest JerryRigEverything video seeks to answer that question. Overall, the ROG Phone does alright.

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Google Photos will no longer provide unlimited storage for unsupported video files

When Google rolled out the revamped Photos service in 2015 with a bold promise: free photo and video uploads from your phone as long as you let Google compress your data a bit. Google is making a slight change to that deal now. As of December 6th, videos in unsupported formats are no longer included in the free storage deal.

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Picture-in-Picture now enabled by default in Chrome for Mac, Windows, and Linux

It's a popular feature on Android, especially useful if you want to watch YouTube videos while you do other things, and now Picture-in-picture (PiP) is officially coming to the desktop. As of version 70, when you're watching a video in Chrome, you'll be able to minimize it and carry on pretending to do some work.

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Eminem's new 'Venom' video shows off the Pixel 3's video prowess

On the night of October 6, New Yorkers were confused by an unusual light display on the Empire State Building. Turns out it was for the shooting of an Eminem video that was captured (at least for the most part) on Pixel 3 phones.

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