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15 new Android games from the week of August 3, 2020

Welcome to the roundup of the new Android games that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous week or so. Today I have Ubisoft's mobile release for Brawlhalla, a free-to-play Smash Bros. clone. I also have a fantastic Rocket League clone from Noodlecake Studios as well as the official release for Electronic Art's Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football. So without further ado, here are the new and notable Android games released during the week of August 3rd, 2020.

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13 of the best weather widgets available on Android in 2020

Weather apps are uniquely well-suited to Android's powerful widget system, but since there are so many options on the Play Store, it can be hard to find the best weather widgets currently available, especially since so few of these weather apps highlight their widgets in screenshots or videos. This is why I've compiled a roundup of my favorite offerings, and I've even taken the time to snap screenshots of the widgets in question for the latest update to this post, in order to provide everyone with a clear look of each and every widget. I've also added a new listing for today's update (Appy Weather), so if you're looking for a solid Dark Sky replacement, you're in luck.

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All the new movies and early theater releases you can watch at home right now

Movie theaters are slowly reopening, but many don't have new releases quite yet, and studios seems to be embracing the streaming model. Whether you're staying at home to limit potential risks, or just saving a few bucks by watching from the couch, we've organized a huge list with many of the newly added films and some upcoming releases.

New this week:

Theaters have been down and out for almost five months, and at this point we can stop hoping for major releases like Tenet or the new Bond; but at least things are looking up after last week's drought. If nothing else, we have the wonderfully absurd geekery of Max Reload and The Nether Blasters, that brings Kevin Smith, Wil Wheaton, Greg Grunberg, and others together in a game shop to save the world.

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Students and teachers can save 8% on the Galaxy Note20, Watch3, and Buds Live

Samsung just released a heap of new devices, including the latest Note20 smartphone, a refreshed smartwatch, and new wireless earbuds. They're some of Samsung's most expensive products to date, but if you're a student or teacher, you can save at least 8% on any Samsung product with the company's education program.

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Borderlands 3 is free to play on Stadia Pro now through Sunday

Starting Thursday, Stadia Pro members who don't have Borderlands 3 will be able to play it for free. No, this is not a free game you can add to your library — rather, it looks to be the platform's first Free Play Days campaign.

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The Android 11 Easter egg has landed, and the cats are back

Android 11's Easter egg has landed as part of the Beta 3 release, and it should probably be familiar to folks that remember Android 7 Nougat. That's right — the cats are back. Get ready for some kitty collecting.

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Google opts all users out of voice data collection, explains what it does with the data

If you've used any of Google's voice services for Assistant, Maps, and Search, you will have gotten a lengthy notice about some major changes as to how and why it collects audio of what you say. These actions are a response to last year's revelations about how humans were contracted to review those clips and how some of them got leaked. The top-line takeaway here is that every user has been opted out of data collection.

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Sony's WH-1000XM4 headphones are official with improved noise-canceling, better voice detection, and more

Noise-canceling headphones are no longer rare—you can even get a passable pair for well under $100 now. However, Sony still makes some of the best over-ear Bluetooth headphones money can buy, and now Sony is ready to take your money for the new WH-1000XM4 cans. These headphones look very similar to the popular WH-1000XM3s, but Sony added a few new features, and improved noise-canceling. Pre-orders are up today for $350, the same as the XM3s at launch.

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New Google Nest speaker tipped to launch end of August for around $100-120

Following those previous leaks, Google has taken a page out of its own book and shown us a glimpse of "what the Nest team is working on from home." The images (and video!) clearly depict the upcoming Nest Speaker, confirming the overall design we saw earlier today.

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Xiaomi launches its aggressively-priced Mi TV Stick in India

Last month, Xiaomi took the stage in an online-only event to show off a slew of products, including its Redmi 9 phone series and its new true wireless earbuds. Among them was also the hotly anticipated and often-leaked Mi TV Stick, which the company has now finally released in India, where it will become available for purchase starting August 7.

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