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OnePlus 8 design detailed in latest post by CEO Pete Lau

As we approach next week's OnePlus 8 series launch, the company is taking the opportunity to share new tidbits on a daily basis. Today, it's all about design — a post on the OnePlus forum by CEO Pete Lau goes into great detail explaining why three key tenets it calls CMF (color, material, finishing) are so important and how they relate to the upcoming flagships.

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Chrome OS 81 comes with gesture navigation and PIP support (Update: Rollout halted)

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, which already forced some schedule adjustments on Google developers, the company has launched Chrome OS 81 to the stable channel. The latest release packs a new gesture navigation for the tablet mode and adds picture-in-picture support for Android apps. It also shrinks the taskbar ever so slightly to give you more screen real estate.

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Simple Gallery Pro is a premium photo manager built with privacy in mind (Sponsored)

There are plenty of photo editing apps strewn across the Play Store, all vying to be your top choice for touching up the precious photos in your gallery. Unfortunately, many of these apps are supported by intrusive ads that not only take up valuable screen real estate but may also siphon your personal information and sell it to advertisers for profit. Wouldn't it be great to have an honest photo editor that only does what it claims to do? Enter Simple Gallery Pro, the affordable open source photo managing app built with power and privacy in mind.

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Side-scrolling shooter Door Kickers: Action Squad lands on the Play Store for $2.99

It's always nice to see a well-reviewed console-quality game make its way to Android. This time around, Door Kickers: Action Squad is coming to the Play Store, and you can pre-register for the retro side-scroller right now to be notified when it's available for download.

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Forza Street first look: A generic racer by any other name (Update: Coming May 5)

Samsung held its annual Unpacked event yesterday, revealing a plethora of products, such as the new S20 line of phones. In an effort to make these phones look appealing to gamers, Samsung also announced that Microsoft's racer Forza Street will come to the Galaxy Store this spring as a free-to-play release. Of course, the game is already available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store, and seeing that I'm an extremely impatient person, I've sideloaded the APK (V29.0.9) to take the title for a spin to see exactly what it has to offer.

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OnePlus is doing another Crackables puzzle game, with a $10,000 grand prize

OnePlus' Crackables puzzle game from 2018 is coming back. A collaboration between OnePlus and Google, the new Crackables 2.0 is offering a 10,000 cash grand prize for the winner, with another $10,000 going to charity. The game itself doesn't start until Noon (ET) on April 14th, but you can register to play now.

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Dead Cells is coming to Android on June 3

In October of last year, I broke the news that Dead Cells had popped up on the Play Store as a pre-registration listing, but the title was soon delisted. Sadly there was no way to know if that listing was a mistake, or if someone had simply pulled the trigger a little early. Well, there is no more need to guess. Motion Twin has announced a partnership with Playdigious to bring Dead Cells to mobile. The title is scheduled to be released on iOS sometime this summer, and an Android version "will come later."

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Sky: Children of the Light finally lands on Android, and it was worth the wait

Sky: Children of the Light comes from Thatgamecompany, the same developer behind the critically-acclaimed titles Journey, Flower, and Flow. Sky offers an experience closest to that of Journey, where the player gets to explore a beautiful world in an effort to discover an evolving story that's told through meditative puzzle-based gameplay. Unlike Journey, Sky is a title that was built to focus more on a multiplayer aesthetic where players can easily team up with friends and strangers to journey through the world together while solving the game's many puzzles. Sky: Children landed on iOS at the tail end of last week, but it is also coming to Android sometime in the future, and you can pre-register on the Play Store right now.

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Arlo Video Doorbell review: This nicely equipped, solid value keeps getting better

How are you going to call yourself a smart-home company, one with a huge focus on video, and not have a video doorbell? That's a question Arlo had no doubt been asking itself for some time, and while it launched its Audio Doorbell with matching wireless Chime back in 2018, that one was largely meant to be used with the company's existing video cameras. It took another year for the follow-up effort to arrive, but in late 2019 we finally got a proper Arlo Video Doorbell.

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Legends of Runeterra is a new League of Legends card game (Update: Coming April 30)

Yesterday was Riot Games' tenth anniversary and with that came several huge announcements. Among these, we were introduced to Legends of Runeterra, a strategy card game where "skill, creativity, and cleverness determine your success." The game will feature Champions from League of Legends, while also introducing new characters to the mix.

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