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YouTube reorders video resolution options so it's easier to pick the highest quality first

One feature I wish YouTube had is an option to select a default resolution for video playback. My internet situation is so bad (WiFi is rather slow, 4G has a silly cap) that I always resort to 360p or 480p to avoid buffering or eating through my plan, so for now, I have to open the quality picker each time and choose the one I want. Those of you who are luckier than me had to do the same, only you'd be picking the highest quality instead. But things have now gotten a little easier for you and a little harder for me.

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YouTube for Android TV adds manual resolution selection, starts rolling an updated interface

YouTube for Android has had a few ups and downs in the last months as the native app was replaced by what is essentially a web wrapper (you can test it by going to and dumped many features that were later slowly added back. The latest of the features to make it back onto the interface is the resolution adjustment selector that you can see in the screenshot above. Also rolling out is a new interface, but it doesn't appear to be live for everyone just yet.

YouTube usually updates your video's resolution on the fly depending on your connection speed, but if you want to manually choose a specific quality setting, you can do so now.

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