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[Update: Tests stopped] Netflix wants to use your physical activity data to improve video playback quality

There's nothing worse than watching your favorite show and having it pause to buffer at the most intriguing moment. Unfortunately, commuters can experience this quite often, but Netflix is trying an unusual way to solve this issue. Indeed, the company is testing how it can improve video quality while a viewer is on the go by tracking their "physical activity."

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YouTube for Android TV adds manual resolution selection, starts rolling an updated interface

YouTube for Android has had a few ups and downs in the last months as the native app was replaced by what is essentially a web wrapper (you can test it by going to and dumped many features that were later slowly added back. The latest of the features to make it back onto the interface is the resolution adjustment selector that you can see in the screenshot above. Also rolling out is a new interface, but it doesn't appear to be live for everyone just yet.

YouTube usually updates your video's resolution on the fly depending on your connection speed, but if you want to manually choose a specific quality setting, you can do so now.

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Verizon will stop throttling your video if you pay an extra $10/month

There's a reason we here at AP have a dedicated Verizon hero with devilish features grafted on: the company consistently makes changes that are unfair to its customers. After limiting video quality to 480p and 720p depending on the tier of unlimited plan back in August, Verizon has now brought full-quality streams back - for an extra $10 per month.

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YouTube Music v1.46 enables sharing tracks from the queue, prepares for full playlist support and setting max resolution [APK Teardown + Download]

With so many things happening this week surrounding Google's new hardware, it's easy to overlook some of the software updates rolling out. The latest version bump to YouTube Music doesn't include much in the way of visible changes, but a teardown of the apk also reveals some worthwhile additions in the works for the future. As always, the apk is ready and waiting at the APK Mirror link below if the Play Store isn't already serving the latest version to you.

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YouTube v11.38 prepares double-tap to seek and a setting to limit max video resolution [APK Teardown]

Many of Google's most recent updates have been relatively light on features, turning instead towards cleaning up bugs. However, that doesn't mean there aren't still new things in the works. A couple of recent YouTube updates have been preparing some new features and we've got a teardown to reveal what users can probably look forward to in the future.

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Vine App Update Adds A 'Huge Video Recording Quality Boost' And New Notification Options

Vine isn't a platform known for outstanding videography, on account of being limited to mobile cameras (not to mention the time limit). But starting today, users on Android should notice a definite improvement in the quality of uploaded videos, at least according to the latest app update. Of course, the quality will still be limited by your phone or tablet's camera and the shooting conditions in any particular location. Exactly how video quality is being improved (bitrate bump? Resolution? Post-processing?) hasn't been addressed.

2014-08-02 16.35.43 2014-08-02 16.35.48

The only other notable update is to the notification options. I'm not a regular Vine user myself, but the Settings menu now includes options to display Likes, Comments, Re-vines, Mentions, and Follows in either a semi-curated "tailored to you" fashion or from anyone.

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Xfinity TV Go Update Delivers Over A Dozen New Live Channels And Better Video Quality

For people who have a Comcast cable subscription, the Xfinity TV Go app is quite the nice piece of software. Rather than just providing shows for immediate streaming, which is less groundbreaking these days than it used to be, Comcast provides quite a few channels for live streaming. Now many more networks are available, including A&E, Cooking Channel, DIY, Food Network, HGTV, History Channel, MUN2 (companion to Telemundo), Sprout, Starz, TBS, TRUtv, TNT, and the Travel Channel. Aside from missing CBS, March Madness is pretty much covered.



Unfortunately, the experience could still be much better. There's no channel line-up, and the name of the currently playing network is about as much information as you're going to get.

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