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Epix streaming plan and Android app are now available, costs $5.99 a month

Epix is the latest cable network to get hip to its industry dying. As such, it's launched Epix Now, a standalone streaming service that offers access to its library of content on demand for a pretty fair price: $5.99 per month.

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Starz is now available on YouTube TV for $9 a month


Netflix Q4 2014 Financial Report Shows Plans To Produce Tons Of Original Content And Rapidly Expand Internationally Throughout 2015

Netflix has released its fourth-quarter 2014 financial results along with a letter to shareholders, posting both to its website. These documents show plans to increase its amount of original content, rapidly expand internationally, continue its DVD-by-mail service, and more.

First, some numbers. Netflix picked up 13 million new members in 2014, an increase from 11 million the year before. The video on demand provider now boasts 57.4 million subscribers, and it expects to end the first quarter of the new year with 61.4 million.

Earlier this year, Netflix raised its price from $7.99 to $8.99, a move it believed cost it subscribers throughout the months that followed.

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