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Google Duo v42 prepares sending video messages to multiple recipients [APK Teardown]

Duo is getting an update today, bringing the version number up to 42. Upon install, there aren't any visible changes, but a quick teardown points to a potentially great enhancement. Just in time for the holidays, users may get to send video messages to multiple recipients, thus saving the time it would take to record a message to each and every person individually.

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Skype Qik Repurposes Old Brand For A New And Quirky Video Messaging App

In ye olden days of Android, a video-sharing service by the name of Qik attracted millions of users. It grew rapidly enough to catch Skype's eye, and the larger video-based serviced acquired the smaller for a cool $150 million. It eventually shuttered the offering, and now it's bringing it back in the form of a peculiar new video messaging app.

Skype Qik draws inspiration from a number of different apps. In a way, it's a private Vine session that you only share with one or a few contacts. After users record a short video and share it, the recipient(s) is free to respond with a short clip of their own.

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