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Star in your own Super Hero adventure with the help of Magi+ Magic Video Editor [Sponsored]

Video editing is often a very demanding task for mobile devices, which means it can be difficult to find a fully-featured editor that delivers an acceptable experience. Sure, there are many options to choose from on the Play Store, but it can be tough to dig through the cruff while looking for the perfect solution for your editing needs. Luckily Magi+: Magic Video Editor is here to help. Not only does it bring along a bunch of special effects, but you can easily use these effects to create amazing visuals that otherwise wouldn't be possible without a Hollywood budget.

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Adobe adds speed controls to Premiere Rush for epic slow motion and faster action

Adobe Premiere Rush for Android was launched just two months ago, giving people an instantly popular option for editing video without lugging along a laptop. However, as you would expect from most apps when they first launch, Rush lacked some of the desirable features found in some mobile editors and most desktop editors. Today's update will fill in one of the most requested features: Speed adjustments.

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[Update: New supported devices] Adobe Premiere Rush launches on Android for fast and easy video editing on the go

"Run and gun" has become a mantra for many YouTubers and filmmakers these days. It doesn't matter if you're a travel vlogger or directing a short film, you're probably eager to begin cutting together footage on the ride back from the field, not waiting until you're back in the office (or at home). There are plenty of good video editors available for Android, but none of them offer a seamless transition between working on a smartphone or tablet, then moving to a desktop to do finishing work. Today, Adobe is bridging that gap with the launch of Premiere Rush for Android.

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Google Photos is rolling out a friendlier and more powerful movie editor

Last year, Google Photos treated iPhone and iPad users to a new, vastly improved video editor. Heavily based on the Clips app originally developed by Fly Labs and acquired by Google in 2015, the basic controls for working with multiple source videos in a timeline were much easier to see and use than other editors of the time, including Apple's own iMovie app. It has been a little more than a year since it launched on iOS, and now the new movie editor is rolling out to Android users.

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YouTube's Video Editor and photo slideshows are being discontinued on September 20th

YouTube has been the biggest video-sharing site out there for many years, but that doesn't mean that everything about it is good. Two of those not-so-good things include the Video Editor and photo slideshows, which are both sparingly used. For that reason, YouTube is discontinuing the use of these two features after September 20th, 2017.

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GoPro's Quik Video Editor Comes Out Of Beta, Available For Everyone Now

GoPro acquired iOS video editing apps Replay and Splice at the beginning of March and was quick to develop an Android version of Replay, which it renamed Quik and released as a beta a couple of months ago. Now the app is shedding the beta tag and getting its first official public release for everyone on the Play Store.

Quik lets you select photos and videos from your device's storage or Google Photos library, then it analyzes them and automatically trims the best moments from videos and focuses on faces to reframe photos. You can still do that manually though if you prefer. Quik then chooses one of 28 styles, adds transitions, filters, graphics, and sounds from a collection of 70 included tracks or your own music library, and syncs the beat to the photo and video transitions.

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GoPro Acquires Popular iOS Video Editing Apps Replay And Splice, Plans To Launch Android Versions Later This Year

These days, GoPro is the king of the hill for action and aerial photography. Sure, you could wrap some tape around your phone and send it up on a quadcopter or toss it into a sandwich bag and hope it doesn't spring a leak at the bottom of the pool, but those are terrible ideas—seriously, don't try them. Since you won't be putting your phone (or tablet) through near certain destruction, why not use it instead to edit those great videos? GoPro announced that it has acquired popular mobile video editing apps Replay and Splice. Both apps are currently iOS exclusives, but the company has plans to bring them to Android later this year.

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Adobe Brings Premiere Clip, A Far More Approachable Version Of The Desktop Video Editor, To Android

Adobe Premiere has been around for Macs for about as long as I've been alive, and countless video editors swear by it. A bite-sized version came to iPhones and iPads a year ago. Adobe aimed this product at your everyman, not just folks who know how to maneuver panels around a timeline. Now an Android version of Premiere Clip has made its way into the Play Store.

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Fly Labs, "Creators Of The World's Best Video Editing Apps," Get Acquired By Google And Join The Photos Team

As an Android user, you are forgiven for not knowing who or what Fly Labs is. The company's video editing suite of applications is only available on iOS so your exposure to its products may have been non-existent. But you're about to hear more about Fly Labs or at least its products' features since it has just been acquired by Google.

The company announced the acquisition on its site and Google Photos' product lead David Lieb reiterated the news, dubbing Fly Labs as the "creators of the world's best video editing apps."  I don't know about the world's best, but Fly Labs has some very interesting products under its name. Clips puts fragments of videos together, reorders them, and tags music or voice recordings on top of them. Tempo edits slow-motion, fast-forwarded clips, and time-lapse videos. Fly uses gestures to edit videos, apply cuts and transitions, integrate picture-in-picture, or split the screen.

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[New App] CyberLink Brings The Award-Winning PowerDirector Video Editor To Android Tablets

There are a handful of video editors available for Android, but CyberLink is attempting to raise the bar with the release of its popular PowerDirector software for Android tablets. Immediately upon opening the app, experienced video editors will see a UI that looks familiar to that they've been using on desktops for years, albeit much simpler. Here it is running on a Nexus 7.


The interface is somewhat cramped on this device, which is why the app requires an Android tablet seven inches in size or more to use. And let's be honest, video editing isn't a role phones are all that cut out for, regardless of how many CPUs or geebees they're packing.

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