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Skype Now Supports Group Video Calling On Mobile Devices

Before Skype was known for video, it was known for placing calls. These began as one-on-one exchanges, but eventually the service started letting multiple users converse in groups. Then the service introduced the ability to chat in groups over video, but only on desktop platforms. Now that's changing.

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Inviting Someone To A Video Hangout No Longer Requires Them To Have A Google Account

Hey, do you use [insert instant messaging or video chatting service here]? No? Well, what do you use? Weird, no one else I know uses that. Here, just create an account real quick. Please?

Yeah, we're all tired of this conversation. Hangouts has managed to dodge it to some degree because so many people already have the required Google account. But what about those folks who don't? And do you really want to share your email address with this guy who's reaching out to you?

Soon, you won't have to. This week Google is pushing out an update to Hangouts that removes that requirement.

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Google Launches A Dedicated Hangouts Website, Another Way To Access Hangouts From A Browser

Between the Chrome extension, the Chrome app, Gmail, Inbox, and Google+, there are plenty of ways you can sign in to Hangouts while you're at a computer. But maybe you need one more. Today Google has launched You're welcome.

Hangouts' dedicated website provides a single obvious way to access your contacts list and start chatting, as the URL is one you could probably guess. The site lets you open up multiple conversations at once just as you've been doing in Gmail since the dawn of time. You can also start group conversations, place a voice call, or fire up the webcam.

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Yahoo Releases Livetext Video Texting App In The US, Canada, France, Germany, And UK

Here's an idea. Let's take that video chatting thing that people do all the time using Skype, Hangouts, or FaceTime, and remove the sound. Huh, Yahoo is already doing that?

Yup, and the service is called Livetext. Yahoo has been testing it in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Ireland. Now the tech company is bringing its intriguing communications platform to five additional countries. There's Canada and the US in North America. France, Germany, and the rest of the UK have joined Ireland in Europe.

In Yahoo's video of Livetext in action, you can see how each sentence you type appears at the bottom of a video feed of whomever you're chatting with.

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Facebook Messenger's Video Calling Feature Is Now Available Worldwide


Facebook Adds Free Video Calling To Messenger App, No Update Required

Facebook Messenger is adding a feature that, if you didn't use it, you would expect to already have. With today's addition of video chat capability, it has parity with the desktop chat interface that has long supported this. As a server-side switch, you should have this available so long as you are using a reasonably new version of the app.


As you see in the image above, there is a camera icon at the top of the conversation that will initiate the video chat. You might also notice that Facebook is very proud that iOS and Android devices will be able to communicate with one another from the start.

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Skype 5.3 Brings Chat Bubble Layout And Oversized, Animated Emoticons—Meanwhile Qik 1.5 Introduces New Video Effects

Emoticons are nothing new for Skype or any other instant messaging client. Why, then, are they worth mentioning in version 5.3's changelog? Because now they're big. If you send a message containing only an emoticon, Skype will display a large version, complete with animation. Expressions appended to the end of a sentence, on the other hand, will continue to show up tiny.

While you're checking out these screenshots, also note the app's bubble style chat layout, which has now made its way over from other platforms to Android.

Skype1 Skype2

A few other changes have made it into this release. Conversations will no longer jump to the most recent message as it comes in, allowing you to more easily scroll up to read ongoing conversations.

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Hangouts For Android Gets Easy Video Chat Invitation Links

Hangouts video chats are pretty good in terms of handling multiple up and down streams, but the invitation and verification system leaves a lot to be desired - there's something of a traffic jam when we start the Android Police podcast video, for example. Today Google is making that a little easier by allowing mobile users to join a Hangouts video session with a simple invitation link, instead of needing an explicit, personal invitation via the Hangouts/Google+ system.

Screenshot_2015-03-07-13-57-53 Screenshot_2015-03-07-13-59-29

This has been possible on a standard desktop or Chrome OS device for a few months, but now it's enabled for Android connections as well.

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Google Offers Live Video Helpouts Sessions For Would-Be Nexus And Chromebook Buyers On The Play Store

If you're a regular Android Police reader, you probably don't need any "sales assistance" when picking out a new phone, tablet, or laptop - pretty much everything you could want to know is just a web search away. But some people appreciate the personal touch, which is why those guys in the blue shirts at Best Buy still have jobs. To help out these sorts of shoppers, Google is offering live video chat assistance for hardware shoppers on the Play Store.


Image credit: TechCrunch

The new service leverages Google's own Helpouts service (an instruction and assistance portion of video Hangouts) and the infrastructure of the Play Store.

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YouTube 6.0 Lets Users Post to The Chat Area On Live Streaming Videos

It looks like the latest release of the YouTube app for Android has at least one more trick up its sleeve that escaped our notice in the APK Teardown. Reader Dan saw that when he opened up a live streaming video in the Android app, there was a new "Live Chat" option at the bottom. Tap the up arrow or slide the bar to the top of the window, and you can read the live chat going on in the YouTube channel. You can even participate, if you feel so inclined.

Screenshot_2014-12-14-03-58-11 Screenshot_2014-12-14-03-58-19

Live chats on YouTube live streaming videos are nothing new, but they were previously reserved for the desktop browser version of the site.

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