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Yahoo View arrives on Android to offer up a slice of Hulu's formerly free TV content

Did you know that there's nothing free on Hulu anymore? I didn't, until I tried to track down the latest episodes of awful-yet-addictive CW superhero shows that I pour into my eyes like the pop cultural equivalent of fast food. Yes, it turns out the networks that comprise Hulu's adulterous corporate parents have walled off all those TV episodes behind a paywall. But fear not, cable-cutting penny-pinchers: at least some of those shows have a new home on Yahoo View. According to Yahoo, the app is available only in the US.

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ESPN Android App Adds WatchESPN TV Streaming For Cable And Satellite Subscribers

If you pay for cable, you probably pay for ESPN. Disney's sports empire is practically inescapable, especially if you watch college sports, and it's essentially impossible to pay for conventional television without getting ESPN thrown into the package, whether you want it or not. So if you're paying for it, you might as well get it on your phone too, right? ESPN's live streaming service WatchESPN is now available within the primary ESPN app itself. Previously WatchESPN was a separate Android app.

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Samsung Announces That Its Milk Video Service Is Shutting Down In November, Surprising No One

Remember Milk Video? No, it's not a special Internet repository of all those Got Milk ads, it's Samsung's device-exclusive video arm of the Milk Music service. And now it's not long for this world. Samsung chose the rather unceremonious venue of an updated Play Store app description to let users know that the company will be ending support for the app in November.

Thank you for using Samsung Milk Video. While we remain committed to providing premium entertainment services, we have decided to end support for the Samsung Milk Video app as of November 20, 2015.
To continue enjoying streaming entertainment, please use the Samsung Milk Music app available at:

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Vessel Beta App Gains Chromecast Support In The Latest Version

To be honest, I'm still not sold on Vessel's business model, which posts original web video content a few days early to paying subscribers before it goes out to more general portals (usually YouTube). But the Android app seems more than serviceable even in its beta form, and the developers are adding features quickly. Case in point: the latest update adds Chromecast compatibility, which no video app should be without.

The feature works exactly as you'd expect it to: start a video and look for the Chromecast icon, then connect to a local Chromecast or Android TV device. You can connect on the main viewer screen as well, if you don't want to scramble to send your video as soon as it starts.

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Microsoft Brings The Official Halo Channel App To Google Play - Lots Of Videos, But No Games

Do you like Halo? I mean really like Halo, like you've got a little light-up Cortana on your desk and you actually know the names of the various rainbow color versions of the Master Chief? Can you write me a 20-page essay on the leadup to and fallout from the battle of Reach? Then today is your lucky day, because Halo has come to Android... in the form of a video app with clips and guides and stuff. OK, so maybe not especially lucky.

image (4)

Since Microsoft seems oblivious to the fact that no one really expects the next installment of Halo to blow anyone away, they've decided to try and push it as a cultural nexus analogous to Call of Duty or League of Legends.

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AOL Releases AOL On And HuffPost Live For Android TV, But They're Incompatible With Everything So Far (Even The ADT-1)

Those few Android developers and other fanatics who got a pricey Golden Ticket to Google I/O are the first to experience Android TV, thanks to the ADT-1 developer set-top boxes that were distributed at the show. They get to try out all the cool new Android TV apps months before everyone else. Except today - today, AOL allows those users to feel solidarity with everyone else, because there are new apps that they can't play with. For some reason.

unnamed (1)

AOL published both AOL On and HuffPost Live for Android TV to the Play Store, marked as incompatible with everything including the ADT-1.

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GoPro App Updated To Version 2.4 With Automatic WiFi Connection, A New User Interface, And More

Even after years on the market and innumerable would-be competitors, GoPro remains the standard for "action cameras." A big part of that is the excellent smartphone integration that GoPro's devices have maintained, and today the official Android app gets a little better in a lot of small ways. The most obvious is the new user interface, which is visible on Android 4.0 and above. The all-black UI keeps its focus on minimalism and utility, but gets rid of some of the gradients of the former interface.

unnamed (1) unnamed unnamed (3)

New above, old below.

unnamed (3) unnamed (1) unnamed (5)

There are also some more useful additions, most notably an automatic WiFi connection.

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[New App] Samsung Home Monitor Turns A Samsung Smart Camera Into A Security Cam Or Baby Monitor

If you've got a late-model Samsung "smart" camera, you should check out this nifty function. Samsung Home Monitor lets owners of the upcoming NX3000 camera (and presumably other models in the NX line) view video from the camera's lens remotely on their phones. It's a neat application of the hardware available.


Using the simple app, you can treat your camera like a security camera or baby/pet monitor. Users can stream live video from the camera at any time, as long as there's Wi-Fi in the house and your smartphone has a data connect (Wi-Fi or mobile). In an impressive display of practical design, the camera can also be activated by sound or motion, alerting the smartphone app via a notification.

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Dailymotion Tries Its Hand At Chromecast Streaming With The Latest Play Store Beta

Take note, video app developers: your Android app should have Chromecast support by now. It just makes things so much better for everybody. Video site Dailymotion knows where it's at, because the latest version of the beta app in the Play Store can now stream to the Chromecast. Better late than never, huh?

2014-04-13 01.42.37 2014-04-13 01.51.21 2014-04-13 01.42.56

Other than Chromecast support and the usual bugfixes and performance tweaks, there doesn't appear to be any other significant changes to version 4.1. Casting videos works in the usual way, just tap the Chromecast icon and select the unit you want to use. The app allows you to make the connection even before you select a video, so you'll be able to watch your content uninterrupted.

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[New App] NBC Gets Ready For The Games With Olympics Highlights App

After the big steaming pile that was the Super Bowl, American sports fans must be anticipating the Winter Olympics with even more keenness. NBC is more than willing to oblige with the latest in an already-long list of Sochi 2014 apps - the NBC Olympics Highlights app (which seems to have a plural problem). In addition to standard replay videos, the app serves as a second screen for NBC's nightly recap show.

unnamed (5) unnamed (6) unnamed (7)

The app itself seems pretty good as these things go - we've definitely seen worse Olympic-themed entries already. But there are a few issues, starting with the fact that you'll need to be in the United States to use it; hooray for the IOC's media contracts.

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