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Dolphin Emulator brings GameCube controller rumble support to phones

Dolphin Emulator — the popular Wii and GameCube emulator — recently returned to the Play Store, making it easy to keep updated as Android beta development continues, and so it has. According to the latest progress report, Dolphin now has support for on-phone rumble/vibration in GameCube titles. Landscape mode is now forced by default as well on Android, and the developers would also like to apologize for some recent changes which broke existing savestates without warning for many.

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Light Flow hobbled by Play Store developer policy changes and API targeting requirements

Back in the day, Light Flow was an integral part of the Android enthusiast toolkit. Nexus phones came with snazzy multicolored LEDs for notifications, but customization options were limited. Light Flow filled that gap with per-app and per-notification type tweaks. Sadly for those that might still be using it, Google's API targeting requirements will be limiting colored LED support going forward. Per-contact and call/SMS/MMS distinguishing notification customization will also have to be abandoned as a result of other developer policy changes.

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[Update: DP4 makes it an on/off affair] Android P lets you disable or change the vibration strength for calls, notifications, and touch

If there is one feature I've wanted in stock Android for a long time, it's the option to disable the vibration. I hate it with all my might and can't comprehend how so many OEM versions of Android have already understood the need to have a separate vibration option whereas stock just keeps it enabled regardless. Your phone rings? It has to vibrate too. No easy silent mode either, only vibrate or DND. Ugh, it's incomprehensible. But luckily, Android P has the burgeoning of a solution.

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Android P feature spotlight: Pulling down on notifications vibrates the phone


Some are experiencing a rattling or buzzing problem with the Pixel 2 XL's speakers

Google's Pixel 2 XL might be a great phone, but it hasn't been without controversy. Now we can add one more issue to the growing list. For many, one or both of the phone's front-facing speakers suffer from distortion/rattling. In some cases, the problem only seems to crop up at louder volumes, but for others (including us here at AP) it occurs even at lower volumes such as during phone calls.

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[NSFW] Vibease Smart Vibrator Pops Its $15,000 Indiegogo Fundraising Goal On Its First Day, 29 Left To Go

There's a large market for a device like the Vibease wearable smart vibrator, which has been on Indiegogo for all of a day and has already exceeded its $15,000 fundraising goal by a full $10,000. There are the proud independent women who swear they don't need a man. There are the husbands who just want to keep the misses happy, even though they don't really know how. There's the leagues of Fifty Shades of Grey fans who just found out kink is a thing and are now raring to dip their fingers in this brave new world. Then there are us young millennial couples who grew up learning about these things from the internet anyway, so why not give something like this a try?

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[New App Hands-On] ViBe Replaces Ringtones With Custom Vibration Patterns, Eliminates Need To Stealthily Peek At Your Phone During A Meeting

My phone spends about two thirds of the day on silent or vibrate mode due to classes, meetings, or other events where it may be inappropriate to have  a ringtone going off, so when I heard about ViBe, my interest was already piqued. The problem – until now – with keeping your phone in vibrate mode, is that there is no way to know who exactly is calling or texting without indiscreetly peeking at your screen, which can be almost as distracting as if you had the ringer turned on.

All of that changes today, however, with Base2Apps' introduction of ViBe, an awesome new app that allows the user to set custom vibration patterns for individual contacts.

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Android + Device Built Into Handlebars = Bike Navigation Evolved

In a very awesome and useful display of the innovative genius that we've come to expect from Android developers and modders, Interaction Designer (how awesome does that sound?) Michael Fretz and his team have come up with a bicycle navigation system that can only be described as ingenious. The awkwardly named Punkt.Fizen is a truly creative, original idea that utilizes the power of the Android platform and the versatility of the Arduino.

When I first read about the idea, I wasn't too sure about it but, after reading the intro and description, I got interested:

How does one orient oneself while biking, for example as a tourist?

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